Who needs a home when you can be a hobo!

I'm currently feeling like the great unwashed, not gonna lie.  Got back from London this afternoon following traveling traumas.  All I'm gonna say is, why sell me a ticket if NO trains go to that destination!?  That's like false advertising, or something else in regards to my consumer rights.  Fuckin' bastards!

Thankfully my night in shining armour came to rescue me & return me to my car so that I may continue on home.  I thank you Ms Warner!

The wind was completely bitchin' on the journey back though.  My lil (reem) Smart Car was flailing around, which was nice, especially round bends.  Made me feel real safe.  Naaaat!

Regardless, I did thankfully get home in one piece & have predominantly spent my day in bed watching the ENTIRE second series of Misfits!  Seriously loving that show!  Is it wrong to say that I kinda have a thing for Robert Sheehan (Nathan)?  Probably.  I defo have a crush on Iwan Rheon (Simon).  Defo would, defo.

Talking of man crushes, I met mine for drinks in Shoreditch on Saturday.  Drinking during the day is more fun than I thought!  Perhaps I'll be a day drinker after all!  No Pimms for me though, stuck to the fruity cider (Kopparberg has re-invented the chav image of cider I do believe) & the vodka shots.  Yes, that's right, I was knecking the shots in broad daylight.  Sue me!

I have to say the bar/café we frequented (the name of which escapes me) was pretty sweet.  Very industrial with plenty of uniform chic.  I especially liked the 3D prints on the wall, along with the 3D glasses, of which I stole a few pairs.  I guess I am a kleptomaniac after all.  I'm thinking 3D glasses could be a new trend, the man shape was sporting them rather well.  I may have got a bit jel, as I could barely get mine past my bird's nest head of hair.

I have to say, I have received a lot of criticism towards my new raven mane, but to all who prefer the golden locks I say 'fuck off, I like it!'  I'm channeling my inner Nicole Richie, despite the fact that she has returned to the other side (bitch!).

Anyway, we also popped into the Hoxton Bar & Grill for a swift one.  It brought back the sweet sweet memories of seeing Mumford & Sons play there for an Xfm gig.  I distinctly recall oggling Ben Lovett & his cute tush for most of the night.  Don't really see it now when I look at him.  Hmmm.  Either way I'm looking forward to being reacquainted with their folk tunes at Benicàssim during La Grande Aventure!

After all this drinking it was about time we hit up an eatery.  Man crush & his brother chose Thai & I want to publicly say that this place, of which the name escapes me once again (terrible memory!) had THE best calamari...EVER!  I may be in love.  [sigh]

My best part of the night however, was when a really cool homeless guy came up to us outside the restaurant asking for a lighter.  He was black, had a badass fro & was sporting some ill-fitting Converse & a really cool straw hat.

I am always inanely allured by hats & so obviously requested a try-on.  He said it looked good & that I could keep it.  I knew it looked a damn sight better on him, but I couldn't resist a souvenir.  Yeah I might of had my specs, but somehow this seemed more original.

Plus my loveable hobo said some poignant shiz about passing things on to appreciate them.  The guys tried many a time to remove the hat from my presence for fear of contracting aids, but my thought was that, this guy didn't have shit to his name.  The dude didn't even have shoes that fit him, let alone a roof over his head & yet he was giving ME something!  I was like, this is the sign of true contentment & human kindness.

So I took my aids hat & I nailed it to my bedroom wall & whenever I look at it, I think of my loveable hobo & smile.  There is hope for us all.

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