Improvement Required. Apply Within.

The Coke obsession has got out of hand...

I'm not exactly helping myself.  It is nearly four weeks until Ellie & I depart for La Grande Aventure!!!  I need to be svelte, tanned & matchstick thighs by the 25th of June.  Bikinis, skirts, shorts, 30° heat...I'm so not prepared for this.  [looking rather concerened]

Currently the weather is cold & wet, which is not inspiring me to consume salads & go for thigh shrinking walks.  All I care for is chocolate, Coke, my oversized Lux grey granddad cardi, Toast cashmere bed socks & visual entertainment.  Anything healthy need not apply.

"Dear God, I would like to request the delivery of some sunshine, heat included & some much needed enthusiasm.  Grazie.  AMEN!"

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