Pig Post!

The sun has finally come out!  Hoorah!

To celebrate, Mr Piggles has been out enjoying the sunshine in the jardin.

Let's hope the sun is here to stay now, as the rain is such a drain!


Love Affair

It is basically imperative that I get my paws on these bad boys pretty dayumn soon!

It's a hype ting yo!


Bon Anniversaire

Today would have been my papa's sixty sixth birthday!  It's weird, he'd be nearly seventy!  Dayumn, that's old!  He always looked fresh to death though, handsome bastard.  Shortly after he died I went & got a tattoo for him...

It's an attachment to a large set of flowers I already had trailing down my arm.  I told him I was going to get it before he died, kinda weird he'll never see it.  I don't think it's death itself that's sad, it's more the missing of them.  Not being able to tell them anything or show them something or even hug them ever again.  What's worse is that all we have left are the memories & we'll never be able to make new ones with them.

But at least he is free from his ailing body...

...& that's probably for the best.


Applicants Need Apply Within

So my ten day stint at work has finally come to an end, thank Gawd!  I am so ready for a rest right now!  In my tired haze this morning I may have driven into mère de voiture!  It was a jazz fueled accident, one which thankfully only managed to cause a scratch.  Phew.  I think if I'd done some serious damage I would have just collapsed in a pile of stress & given up completely.

All this work has meant that I'm getting paler by the minute, so tomorrow will definitely be spent tanning!  Oooh yeah!  Need to get my bronze on!  Seriously need to sort myself out, I've had dinner twice in a fortnight!  It's just been chocolate & the dreaded Coke every night.  I'm afraid I may need dentures by the time I'm thirty...IMAGINE!  That's not even mentioning the lipo!

On the upside, I was très happy to finally speak with Eleanor this evening, after a century apart!  It's like I've been through a divorce.  Swear down!  I'm very happy that she's finally found herself a long term lover.  Although, it seems lately that all my friends seem to be pairing up, not together, obvs.  It's kind of got me feeling all broody for a relationship.  [sad face]

I miss being in love, even though it's a bitch & it hurts like hell sometimes, but as Sir Fleming agreed, even heartache can be enjoyable at times, as it at least reminds you that you're alive!  I just need a good looking, well dressed manshape, who likes a snuggle & who can accept my neurotic tendencies.

I want someone I can buy menswear for, instead of just for myself.  Someone I can be proud to call my manshape & who's proud to be called my manshape.  Someone who gets my stupid sense of humour, instead of me just finding myself reeeally funny.  Someone who gets my need to have the YSL Arty ring in every colour & therefore happily contributes on every & any relevant occasion.  Someone who gets my need to have Jeffrey Campbells imported in many finishes, because y'know, then I have options.  If they happen to be dayumn hawt & drive a Bentley Continental, then hell, I'm not gonna complain.  M'ckay.  But mostly, I just want someone to take a chance on me, hell, even fight to be with me...A girl can dream...


Track Of The Week

I still heart this track, I heart it quite a lot actually.

Not just because it has my favourite French homeboys, but y'know, 'cause it has my girl crush Uffie on it too. 

Plus, it always makes me want to go out...Although, that might not be for a while...

[bank balance dissolving as we speak]


Poverty is so unbecoming!

These past few weeks have been nothing but social abuse!  I should be pleased, but unfortunately, it's left my bank balance in a dire state.  Possibly the most dire it has ever been...EVER!  I still have nearly an entire week 'til I get paid, no petrol & no money for petrol.  Hmmm.  Sad times, sad frickin' times.

Things are not made better by my urgent need of a mani.  I have boy hands for Gawd's sake!  This is not an acceptable state!  The minute I get some dollar, I'm heading straight to the salon & gettin' me some Rihanna Esq claws.  You heard me mother clucker, I'm gonna be busting out the claws & what! 

Thankfully, I at least have a manshape around at the moment, who is keeping me 'entertained' during this impoverished time.  Hell, if you can't afford to go out & have a good time, then you'll just have to stay in & have a good time instead, right!?  Plus let's face it, it's been time since I've had a good manshape around to 'entertain' me.

Along with my general inability to leave the house to enjoy...well, anything, including the obvious love of shopping, I am currently unable to save for my upcoming trip to New York.  Holla!  My homeboys are currently out there & I essentially invited myself.  Standard Porritt behavior.  I think they love my company really...[looks nervous]

I've got a lot of time off in June, so I'm hopefully gonna go hassle them for a few weeks...But if I like it out there, they may struggle to get rid of my punk ass.  Let's just hope I can save the dollar to get there in the first place!


Quote Of The Day

"It is better to have loved & lost, than never to have loved at all." - Alfred Tennyson


Oh, hi there!

Okay, so when did Balenciaga start making these bad boys!?

Balenciaga Panelled Sneakers Both £315

Dayumn!  I need to get me a manshape, just so I can get him a pair of these!

Hell, if I saw a homeboy walking down the street sporting these, he'd have me pegged!

Love Affair

As my twenty fifth birthday is slowly but surely approaching, I wanted to provide you with more options, in regards to gifts...Y'know, in case you're feeling generous.

Yves Saint Laurent's Belle Du Jour wallet in bubblegum pink, is my utmost favourite!  I actually NEED this in my life.

You can purchase it for me here.

If I unwrap this on my birthday, I will LOVE you forever, m'ckay?



Man Shape Guest Blogger - Sir Peter Fleming

To all les hommes & their partners (even I am aware that you have a major input into the sartorial musings of your beau) out there in cyber land, your normal curator of all things wonderful, has allowed me once again to grace the pages of, what by now must be, the preeminent source of all things sexy, stylish & scintillating on la web.

A hose pipe ban is now in place, the heavens have opened & there is a distinct chill in the air, it therefore must be summer I hear you cry!  Yeps, it is & that in turn can only mean one thing, a quick fashion update from the scrapbook that is my mind, on what you could be wearing throughout this Jubalympic year (à nos lecteurs français, malchanceux sur les Jeux olympiques et vous ne devriez pas avoir coupé les têtes tous vos droits).

Let us start with the windows to the soul.  There really is only one brand of sunglasses for the discerning male to be seen in this, or any other, season; Persol.  Think 'Talented Mr Ripley' or Steve McQueen, this timeless brand has a strong hold on one's heart.  My particular style of choice is within the classic range; light Havana frames with a polar blue lens.

Many of you will remember that I broke the whole bow tie story, before the band wagon caught up (see blog posts passim), this is a look that will still be with us this season, with all major brands following my lead.

Now, for the HOT news, this years biggest trend; rowing jackets.  I promise you will see them everywhere, (more so now I have given my endorsement, obvs).

For those of you who want the style, but wish to avoid the sartorial faux pas of wearing the same jacket as your neighbour, may I suggest New & Lingwood.

My particular favourite styles for this season from their range include:




I realise for some, the thought of a man in colour is a hanging offense, but I believe that at heart we are all dandies & have an inherent peacock tendency, if given the opportunity.  I will over the coming weeks deal with accessories to finish the look, however, for now, it is au revoir from me.


Man Shape Guest Blogger - Sir Peter Fleming

XXL man in a 'Slim Fit' world.

I am back!  I had hoped that my return would not start with a rant, but alas, it does!  Please rest assured that I will be following this up with a special report on my particular style suggestions for the coming summer season, although right on cue, my window is being rattled by a fierce north easterly wind & pounded by the wet stuff!

Who shrunk all the men!?  As regular readers will know, I am what has been previously described as 'cuddly', 'chunky' or 'porky'.  Being of the ginger persuasion, name calling really is water off the proverbial duck's back.  In my defence, I am a little over six foot tall, weigh in at a little (stop sniggering at the back) over fifteen stone, but am basically in proportion.

How is it then that I am finding it increasingly impossible to find clothes that fit when shopping in the nation's retailers!  Often leaving with an overpowering sense that I am in fact a freak of nature!  Some examples I hear you cry, through the darkness of cyberspace?

Last week, whilst in London, I found myself drawn towards H&M.  As I am off to Greece for a wedding in a little over a month's time, I thought now would be a good time to explore my sartorial options.  I descended into the bowels of the shop & happened upon, what could only be described as, the perfect ensemble; a cotton linen mix jacket & trouser, in a lovely blue hue.

I rushed to the rail hurriedly, flicked through the hangers to the back, to pursue the jacket in its largest form.  It looked okay, but would it fit.  I lost some layers & proceeded to put my arm in it.  Immediately it became apparent that something was going to have to give, it was the strained stitching or me!  I persevered & managed to get the jacket on.  Glancing in the mirror, I looked like my arms were in handcuffs behind my back, the jacket was open, with no hope of closure.

I again had been defeated by the scourge of British menswear, a world dominated by emaciated man children with no shoulders!  I approached the über trendy sales assistant (trilby hat at a jaunty angle, channeling Olly Murs) who gave me a wilting look & told me this was the biggest size!

After that experience, I approached my local Joules (lovely line in dog cushions, for those of you interested).  In the window, I spotted the perfect suit.  On home ground I girded my loins & entered the lion's den.  Hmmm, even I could appreciate that I was never going to fit into a medium (largest size on the rail, appropriate for an eleven year old!), however, I wasn't prepared for what came next.

This time I was approached by a sales assistant who cheerily told me my only hope was the jacket in XXL!  She then proceeded to the stock room to find me one.  Meantime, the manager told me that these particular jackets did "come up small".  Having reappeared with, what to all intense & purposes can only be described as, a tent, I was cheerily told "don't worry if the buttons don't do up, it looks good open".

I am not going to lie to you, it was a squeeze.  I didn't purchase & the hunt continues.  Moral of the story?  There is no room for normal, average men n the high street today.  [sob]


Bye Bye You, Hello Me

After many weeks of contemplation, I finally got clipper happy last night & shaved off a lil bit of my hair.

As you do.

I don't know if you can actually see it very well in this picture...

I'm actually really liking it, despite the fact that I now look like Skrillex...!!!

Once payday hits I'm gonna hit ze salon & get my hair bleached back to a sunny tone & then pop the lilac rinse in.

Ready for the summer lovin'!


Editorial Love

Nicole Kidman & Clive Owen working the vintage sexual tension in W's May issue.


Love Affair

As the weather is beginning to finally show signs of summer's arrival, I am totes on the hunt for the perfect sandals for the season & I believe I may have found them...

These Akaria sandals from, my bit on the side, Kurt Geiger are possibly the coolest things I've seen in time!  At £135, they're an investment in my happiness.

I'm definitely in love!



Make A Note...

Just in case you were wondering what to get me for my twenty fifth...

Size seven.  M'ckay.

Oh & I totes didn't even know it had the word love engraved on the back until recently!

 Just makes me want it so much more...!!!

Pig Post!

Mr Piggles has gotten over his recent illness & is back to being his regular naughty self.



Under Control

I miss these boys.


Love Affair

Just to assure you that my love for A-Trak is still strong...


Quote Of The Day

"Wanting him is hard to forget, loving him is hard to regret, losing him is hard to accept, but even with all the hurt I've felt, letting go is the most painful yet." - Unknown.


What is it with relationships at the moment, it seems to be the current hot topic.  Whether it's people getting into them, people getting out of them, or people trying to get over them.  Jeeez, get a grip already!

Let's face it, love's a bitch.  It's a fact.  You want it, you need it, but in the end, it's gonna be the one thing that hurts you most of all.  Just remember that next time you embark upon a flirtatious exchange with a member of the opposite sex (or same, whatever way you're swinging at the moment).

From time to time, you may question as to whether or not it's even worth pursuing.  You know you'll only get your heart broken at some point, even if it turns out to be you doing the breaking.  But then you get those random (& exceedingly annoying) moments, when the object of your affection does something that makes your heart go all tight & a smile spreads across your face.  That's when you know you're doomed!

Like it or not, you're in buddy & most likely over your head.  It caught you off guard & boom!  You're done for.  It's not your fault, you tried to resist, but love is one of those annoyingly infectious things.  You can try to avoid it, but you'll always get infected in the end.

But, when it's over, it's over & you can cry all the hot sticky tears you like, but they won't change the facts.  What's done is done.  Love came, bit you in the ass, made you its bitch & then dumped you on the floor & kicked you to the curb.  Deal with it!

Okay, so knowing it's over & accepting it's over are two very different things.  However, you can choose to spend a lifetime clinging onto what you once had, which yes, may have been great...at the time, or you can get the fuck over it & embrace who you've got standing in front of you.

Love isn't a one-off offer, that ticket's gonna be coming round again & again & again...& yeah, it'll kick your ass again & again & again...But that's half the fun, isn't it?


Editorial Love

Penélope Cruz in the May issue of Harper's Bazaar looking incroyable!


Easter Blues

Urgh, what a wash out this Easter weekend was!  There is honestly only so much chilling I can do!  Hell, there's only so much chocolate eating I can do!  Okay I lied about the last part.

After picnicking on the beach with some of my favourite people, whilst the weather was still reasonably warm & positive in nature, the rest of the weekend took a gradual decline into utter boredom!  Mère thankfully coughed up an egg (Green & Black's naturally) & I took to my bed with an ache in my head & the May issue of Vogue under arm & proceeded to watch the entire first series of New Girl on my Mac.

Although utterly bor to the ing, I have at least had time to contemplate the important things in life, such as my hair colour.  Which I have decided I am so over!  I've definitely concluded that brunettes do not have more fun!  Therefore I have decided it's back to the bleach & then onto the lilac!

Ivania over at LOVE AESTHETICS works this shade really well & after my grey love affair last year, I think this could be the one!

So watch out, another few weeks & I could be werkin' the purple rinse!

Track Of The Week

I'm rather in love with this song by Swedish singer/songwriter Lykke Li.

I think she could definitely be a new favourite of mine.



Happy Easter!

Happy Easter mes amis!

Today I shall mostly be snuggled up in bed with my Easter egg (presuming mère has purchased one for me!), as the weather outside is most definitely below par.

I hope your Easter is as chilled.


Summer Lovin'

It appears the summer season is on the horizon & I for one am glad.  I am done with winter snaps & Spring drizzles.  Over the past few months I have been working tirelessly on rejuvenating my wardrobe & creating a more capsule solution.

So far it includes a lot of sheer blouses, pastel skinnies, jersey pencil skirts & a whole lotta heels!  For once I can go to my wardrobe, pick something out & then actually have something else to wear with it, instead of my usual random pieces that I usually impulse buy.  I'm like a frickin' magpie when I go shopping.  Anything remotely lace, colourful & generally unmatchable & I'm in!

But no more!  Now, if I have nothing to match it with in my wardrobe, it's not gettin' put in the basket!  I am keeping strong to this resolution & it is paying off in dividends.  Especially when the sun is out & I'm busting the floral jersey pencil skirt & cerise blouse down at the beach (casual).

Talking of which I have been loving H&M's new floral collection!  Totes amaze!  I have both the tailored trousers & the jersey pencil skirt & I am still to purchase the floral sheer blouse.  That's right bitches, I'm gonna get me the whole friggin collection!  And what!

Unfortunately, due to spending most of my dollar on clothes, my social status has greatly declined due to lack of funding.  It's like, do I go out dressed inappropriately last season, or do I stay in wearing something rad.  I mean, should I really be forced to have to make this decision!  I need a better income STAT!  Especially now I have a fully fledged shopping habit.

I think it might be time to actually do the whole job search thing...AGAIN!  It's such a drag though, I mean really!  I just need an amazing job that requires me to be über creative, stylish & paid exceptionally well.  Is that really too dayumn much to ask for!  Jeez!

On the upside of all this financial/style dilemma, I have at least been exploring my dating options & I am happy to say I am fully ready to step out of my man-shape hibernation & get back to manipulating the damn market!  Plus, now that I'm sporting my geek-chic (& I'd like to add prescription) specs, I can actually make informed decisions, not just blind guesses, about whether a guy is hot to trot or just better from a far.

If I can find me a Jon Kortajarena doppelganger then I'll be happy.  I don't think that's being fussy.

Off to go organise my wardrobe...


Track Of The Week

I have always & will always have a big place for Feist in my heart.

This is by far my favourite track on her latest album Metals.

Need to see her again live sooooon!


Optical Love

Werking my new Dolce & Gabbana frames.  I'm no longer blind, it's a blessing.