Child's Play

I finally get paid again on Tuesday (wooop!), which will relieve my current impoverished state.  However, as it is my last pay cheque before departing from England, most of it will go on bills & of course SAVINGS!  Booo!

Regardless, I will be making one final fashion related purchase before I go...An Yves Saint Laurent Colouring Book.  Yes, you heard me right, a colouring book!  That's just how I roll.

The book contains unpublished designs & apparently takes you on a journey through the marvellous, creative & revolutionary mind of YSL.  You also get a glimpse of his inspirations, from art & entertainment to countries & culture, along with unseen sketches.

I feel in fashion terms, it is a necessary purchase.  Plus I've managed to track one down on eBay for a bargainess £3.48 avec FREE P&P!  How could I deny it!  Especially when Topshop are selling them for £5.99!

UPDATE:  As I got paid early I can now confirm that, the YSL colouring book has been purchased & is winging its way to me as I type!  Officially my LAST indulgence  before France!  Honest!


  1. Perhaps if I do not find you a suitable gift on my travels, a lil bit of YSL creativity would suffice? Along with something else, natch. x