Love Affair

It has been a long ass day!  Firstly I had to creep out of bed to be at work for 9:30am...My alarm woke me at 9:09am...There was some rushing involved & the makeup was sacrificed!  That's right mes amis, I faced the world bare ass naked!  It was harsh, especially with my puffy eyes from complete lack of sleep (lethargy is a bitch!).  Bad times, bad times.

After work mère & I went shopping for Moroccan lanterns & returned three hours later with new crockery, a wicker laundry basket, a whole lot of food & no lanterns...I also attempted to find myself a cheap ass bikini in H&M.  I thought this would be exceptionally easy, after I spied £8 ones a few weeks back...Could I find ONE frickin' matching bikini for £8, oh hell to the no!  Also trying to find a bikini top that fits my petite bust is harder than you would think.

Alas, things were not improved upon when I sat down to dinner & shortly came to realise I was missing 90210!!!  I missed the first ten crucial minutes!  Dag nab it!

90210 is by far my most FAVOURITE of shows...EVER!  I was so sad that it was the last in the series.  Boo flaming hoo!  But it did end on a cliff hanger & at one point I thought my love idols Annie & Liam were gonna throw it all away, but phew, in the end love prevailed!  [sigh]  100% convinced that I need a love like theirs!  [swoon]

I cannot wait until it returns to my box...Please don't take too long my love...!

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