Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day Mummy!

My mother woke to a rather large head next to her bed this morning; my gift to her.  I think she rather likes it though.  It has taken pride of place on her windowsill.



Quote Of The Day

"When I shop, the world gets better & the world is better, but then it's not & I need to do it again." - Rebecca Bloomwood [Confessions Of A Shopaholic]

Love Affair

Some recent purchases I've been crunching on.

Cerise Suede Courts: Topshop
Silver Necklace: Topshop
Gold Collar: Primark

Shopping makes a senseless world make sense...at least for a little while.


You Like Your Girls Insane

Lana Del Rey working the bling (& a lotta lip liner) for a recent Versace shoot.

Love Affair

The Olsens give good face.

This is a love affair that will never die!


This is an exceptionally important message, which I think deserves thirty minutes of your time.

A lot of things will change this year & we have the power to make that happen.  All it takes is a little awareness.


L'homme Du Moment

I've recently developed a rather substantial crush on Amir Khan.

I never quite realised before how good looking he is.  Eyes as delicious as Belgian chocolates & a very suave dress sense, both equally essential of course.

Such a shame he recently got engaged.


Pour Homme

I love seeing the stylish turn out for Fashion Week.  There's always plenty of inspiration for new outfits & wardrobe additions.  But it's not just the girls who inspired me; the boys were equally out in full fashion force.


I had an instant connection with these nude pumps the other day.

It seemed cruel not to add them to my collection & I'm not the type to be mean...


Love Affair

I'm putting in an official request that my next boyfriend & I can look THIS incredibly stylish!

I'm taking applications now.


Daily Dose Of NR

I think I will love Nicole Richie forever.

Tattoo Philosophy

Finally went & got a new tattoo...

It's on the inside of my upper arm, in case you're wandering what that fleshy limb is.