So there I am cruising through iTunes, when I come across a new Wombats album.  I'm checking out some of the tracks listed & I'm like 'I am dayumn sure I have this album!'  But look as I might, it seems I don't.  Somehow, I had actually convinced myself of its existence in my library.  Imagine my disappointment.

I shall however persevere to obtain a copy, as the sound I'm ingesting from the tasters are feeling pretty good.  Especially loving Anti-D, which I must have heard on the radio, because that was the one song I was 100% convinced I owned!

I got to see The Wombats at Pukkelpop the other year & they were wikedy west side.  Defo worth a watch & defo worth a purchase!
The Orange / By Wendy Cope

At lunchtime I bought a huge orange
The size of it made us all laugh.
I peeled it and shared it with Robert and Dave—
They got quarters and I had a half.

And that orange it made me so happy,
As ordinary things often do
Just lately. The shopping. A walk in the park
This is peace and contentment. It’s new.

The rest of the day was quite easy.
I did all my jobs on my list
And enjoyed them and had some time over.
I love you. I’m glad I exist.

Recently stole this from someone's Facebook (as you do) & thought I would share, as I found it quite charming.
Really loving Zara right now!  Been snoop(doggy dogg)ing on their website & have already acquired a bit of a wish list...

Cash injection is urgently required...STAT!


Tiger Love have released the video for their next track, Gio Gio, which features Petite & her red hot leotard again.

I'm thinking this is defo gonna be as addictive as Pussy Cocaine.   Fo sho!


Weird Couple Alert

Kate Hudson & Matt Bellamy

So today Kate Hudson announced that she is ENGAGED to Matt Bellamy.  Why!?  WHY!?  Seriously, Kate is AMA-ZIIINGLY hawt & yet, she chooses this fug tastic guy who quite frankly produces SHIT music!  [being pelted by Muse fans]

It was bad enough when she declared him her baby daddy, but now she's marrying the guy.


SOOO disappointing!
Blake Lively is also changing shades & looking HAWT doing it too!

Joyeux Anniversaire Papa!

Today would be my dad's birthday.  If he was still in the land of the living, I'd probably have bought him something along the lines of; a David Icke book, some turkish delight, cured sausage & some wine gums.  Pretty much all of his favourites.

Je t'aime et tu me manques papa.



Sooo, the grey didn't work out & the blonde got boring...I guess I went back to the dark side...


New Talent Alert!

I am always the first to admit that I cannot bare child stars.  Whether this be in the acting form or otherwise.  However, I have made an exception for Amy Winehouse's goddaughter, Dionne Bromfield.

Dionne is only FIFTEEN years old!  Girlfriend is young!  But he voice is incredible & makes her sound older than her years.  Her current single 'Yeah Right '(featuring Diggy Simmons) is really catchy, but her soon to be released track 'Watching' is my current favourite.

Dionne's second album 'Good for the soul' will be released in the UK on the 27th June 2011.  Thinking this could defo be an investment.  Go check this shit out!


Joyeuses Pâcques!

It is finally Easter!  Wooop!  In order to celebrate I have slept-in, cracked open my Easter Egg & been sipping on my first Coke since Shrove Tuesday!!!

The sun has decided to shine, the pig's gonna have a bath (whether he likes it or not) & I feel a spring walk is in the air!

Hope you're all having a fabulous day, whatever you're up to!



Who wore it better?

'I feel like pussy cocaine."

Literally cannot get enough Tiger Love!

Go LIKE on Facebook, these boys need some sweet sugar lovin'!

Animal Magnetism

Ah mes amis, I have returned from my trip to Brighton & it could not have been more amazing!

Firstly & most importantly, Eleanor & I popped over to our favourite establishment The Gun, in Findon, to sample the first Pimms of the summer!  'Ah sweet Pimms, how I have missed you, longed for you...'

One Pimms rolled into another & then another & before you know it, we had crashed a wake & were giving out fashion advice to every man within the vicinity!

On the way home we checked into another local public house & had ourselves a lock-in with the men shapes inhabiting it.  This is when the Pimms factor got OTT & the (seemingly quite tasty) strawberry tequila shots made an appearance.

The next morning I was a little worse for wear.  Although, considering I haven't drunk a drop of liquor in months, it wasn't as horrendous as I was expecting.  However, the mere thought of tequila, or any other substance for that matter, being congested Friday night was sick inducing.  So Ellie & I decided upon a night of sobriety for our appearance with Uffie.

Concorde 2 was as ever an empty shell of a venue.  Seriously, these peeps get the best talent & have a really good venue with FREE parking outside & yet their advertising is appalling & they consistently fail to deliver a crowd.  SO disappointing for the artists!

Regardless, it was still an amazing evening!  Firstly, whilst waiting for the lady herself to take to the stage, a new form of incredible musical talent appeared & wowed us into submission!  Seriously, these guys are ama-ziiing!  They're called Tiger Love & they're a three (man shape) piece with a hint of French girl (in red leotard) cool.  The music is electro beats mixed with catchy tracks & infectious lyrics, reminiscent of a young MGMT.

We nabbed the lead singer, Roy Ben Artzi, for a chit chat after the set & I am officially IN LOVE!  His accent is très particulière!  I asked him where he was from & apparently he's originally from New York (immediate kudos), moved to France (be still my beating heart) & now resides in London.  So his accent is this strange mix of European with an American twang.  Makes me go all giddy.  Of course, all this sweet talk is only aided by his stage presence (not the first artist I've melted over), piercing brown eyes & mop of curly black locks.  [sigh]

He also informed us that the group have only been together for six months & that it was only their fourth performance!!!  I was amazed considering how great they were!  I swear down, I would totally have paid to see them & should they get signed, I totally will to see them again!

When we met up with them again after Uffie's performance (more of that in a second), the whole group were at a loss as to what to do.  Ellie suggested a few places, but due to the time, everywhere was gonna be booting people out rather shortly.  They asked where we were off to & I felt a little crushed inside when I had to admit home, as I had to drive the two hours back for work in the morning.  Sad sad times.  [small tears]

Bar the man crush, when Uffie did take to the stage, the crowd went mental & due to my proximity to the barriers, I was consistently threatened by some big burly bald bloke (most random Uffie fan in the world, surely!?), who enjoyed nothing more than a bit of moshing in my direction.  I think I would have been dead to the world if his big ol' noggin had whacked me in the face.  Bloody bastard!

Midway through her set, Uffie demanded that the whole of the front row leap over the barriers & take to the stage, or she wouldn't sing the next song.  'Well, Uffie darling, you don't have to tell me twice!' Ellie & I hoisted ourselves, heels & all, onto the small stage area & busted a move or two to Uffie's Pop The Glock, which she sang literally in front of us!

There was the distinct impulse to hug her, but I relented.  Don't want her remembering me as a freaky stalker fan...

Overall my respect & love for Uffie, to which I have Ellie to thank for introducing me to her incredible musik, has grown ten folds.  I am also so happy happy happy to have found my new love & total man crush Tiger Love.  For whom I shall now be stalking, in the hope to a) get them signed & b) see them again!

"Ellie, I take back what I said.  I would rather be blind than deaf!"


We're off the see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of OZ...

Apologies in advance for lack of posting, as my bag is packed for my departure to Brighton tomorrow, to see her ladyship, Miss Eleanor.

Tomorrow night we shall be enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend by taking a visit to our favourite establishment, The Gunn.  Where we are hoping to have a late night Pimms O'clock & snag some local totty in the process.

Come Friday evening we shall be heading over to the Concorde2 (where many a problematic night we have had) & seeing the beloved Uffie perform.  This is a rare UK appearance & therefore muchos exciting!

By Saturday morning I'll be dragging myself out of bed, driving back down here & going into work.  Oh joy.

However, Sunday is finally EASTER & I shall FINALLY be able to drink Coke again!  Oh how my teeth have loved not being eroded by the acidic delights of a cold can of Coke.  But alas, it's shall soon be back on the scene to inflict dental atrocities!  Hooopflaminglar!

À Bientôt mes amis!


Thirty Years of Dedication

As La Grande Aventure slowly but surely approaches, I have been thinking a bit more about where I want to go next.

So far I have been to:
Spain five times
Belgium four times
France four times
Greece once
America once
West Indies once
Italy twice
Ireland once

Places I am very keen to visit are:
All of Italy
New York
Los Angeles
Costa Rica

So, I'm thinking there is still a lot of exploring I need to do!  However, I'm really keen to do this all before I'm thirty.  This not only means I'll hopefully be young, free & (maybe not so) single & therefore able to really go where the flow takes me, but also this is essential so that I may decide upon a country of residence to plant roots for my thirties.

I was thinking this very thought when it hit me...It actually isn't that long until I'm thirty!  Okay, so I have six more years, which at first glance sounds like a long time, but when you really think about it...I mean, this past year, well, in fact the past two years now, have whizzed by like a blur!  It seems like only yesterday I was moving out of home to seek my independence & now I'm back home planning foreign adventures.

Time really doesn't stay around for long, huh?  Starting to worry that I wont be able to really fulfill my potential in such a short period of time.  I really don't like to be panicky, but I'm getting old age palpitations over here!

I actually feel like one of those woman who obsess about their biological clock tick tocking away.  What if I get too old to be vaguely successful at anything worth being successful at!?  What if I never meet a hawt well-dressed French man, who insists on having me come live with him in Paris!?

[slapping myself]

'Get a grip Porritt!'

Oh yeah, that's right...I have the ability to do anything...Really must repeat this to myself on a daily, yes DAILY basis!  Even when I'm looking fugtastic & have a biscuit bloat going on down south.

It's taken this long but I'm actually getting back into reading proper magazines, like Elle & Vogue (my monthly read when I was fourteen & broke as a joke).  Ellie has introduced me to wearing heels in daylight (never will she let me live the 'you always make me wear heels...moan moan moan' comment).  I believe in the foundation/powder/mascara/eyebrow pencil/blusher combo for EVERYDAY, not just when I'm going out on a night out (don't think I wore makeup to work until I was about eighteen!).

I'm thinking, now that I've grappled the basics I can move onto a more advanced level...I dare say there may be hope for me yet guys.  So let's all have a little faith & a few less age-related breakdowns!



Sun, Sea, Sand & a whole lot of MUSIK!

So I'm starting to get that flutter of excitement in my stomach as more details for Benicassim appear.

Firstly, the lineup is slowly growing & now includes my lover Tinie Tempah.  As Sir Fleming has already purchased ticketos for us to see Mr Tempah at Wembley in November, I do believe I shall have the pleasure of seeing him TWICE this year!  For which I am truly grateful.

Ellie & I have also now decided to shell out a little extra cash & go VIP.  This is for many reasons, but mainly because you get access to a MUCH BETTER camping site, which has on site security (tent snoops be gone!) & individual toilets & showers.  I don't know about you, but I DO NOT do communal washing.  Oh hell to the NO!  As gruesome as it sounds, I did not wash once for the entire duration I was at Pukkelpop, first & second time.

However, after reading up on the Benicassim website's top ten camping tips, which stated that due to the 30 degree heat, you would be best advised to shower TWICE, yes TWICE, a day, to get rid of the sweat & sand.  Nice.  Therefore we think it is imperative that we have regular access to shower facilities...Which we don't have to share!

Unfortunately, throwing somewhat of a downer on the festivities, I have heard news on the grapevine that my ex Francois shall be attending.  With whom I am unaware.  Many of you will not be familiar with this particular individual, whilst many others will know of his antics only too well.  Suffice to say I will shortly be looking into a restraining order should I encounter him!

Regardless of stalker ex-boyfriends, the festival, for which I have always been so harsh towards, is actually looking pretty impressive.  I am still hoping that the lineup will improve, but if nothing else, we're gonna get a bitchin' tan!


Need one of these!!!

Plumo Eiffel Tower Calender
Sil vous plait?


Sunshine Requirements

After taking a side step over to mrporter.com, I came across their sunglasses collection & may have got myself a wee bit over excited!  I don't care if these are aimed at men, they're hawt & I'm officially in love!

Linda Farrow Luxe


Cutler & Gross

Now, just to find me some cash & a hawt man, then we can both jazzy jeff up our faces in these ama-ziiing creations & make some uber hawt lovin' in the sun...


If I should die before I wake...I at least wanna have done...

In a bid to save myself from a life of nothingness, I have decided to make a bucket list.  That way I can actually see written down all the things I want to achieve before I pop my proverbial (Jeffrey Campbell) clogs!

  1. Go skydiving!  Preferably with my best friend Ben, as he is fully trained up & has offered many times to take me.
  2. Bungee Jump.  I think I may leave this one & the one above 'til last...Y'know, just in case.  I mean, if I'm gonna die, I'd rather it be whilst doing something cool.  But if I'm gonna die, I'd at least want to have crossed a few things off the list first!
  3. Learn how to play the drums!  I personally think this would be so cool!  (I'm a sad act & I admit it.)
  4. Learn how to play the piano.  I feel this is an essential actually.  I have tried & failed a few times.
  5. Take a photography class.  I have an SLR I barely know how to use & yet I am still constantly eying up £1500 replacements.  Might wanna get the basics down pat first!
  6. Go traveling on my own.  Not necessarily for a long period of time, but I would like to do something on my own.  I think it would be quite liberating...as well as scare the shit out of me!
  7. Live abroad.  Obvs Paris is first choice.  But generally any other country would be both exciting & an ama-ziiing experience!
  8. Finish learning French.  I would of course love to be fluent, but even I'm a realist!

So far this is all I've got.  I'm sure I will keep adding to the list though.  But at least if it's small, it's relatively manageable/achievable!  Plus, whenever I actually get round to doing something on the list...I can then strike it off!  Then probably add something else...Hmmm, this could be never ending...

C'mon, what's on your bucket list!?


Seriously guys, how much are you looking forward to 

Freakin' awesome!


Beauty Consumption

I have been patiently waiting for my MAC order to arrive since last week & FINALLY it arrived late this evening.  So HAPPY!

I went to go order a new powder (ended up choosing a bronzing powder to aid in my tannage), but the website was down.  So MAC got me to provide them with my email address in return for a FREE Haute & Naughty mascara with my next order, when the website was back up & running.  How ama-ziiing was that!  Especially considering a) I use that mascara & b) I was running out & couldn't afford both the powder (£17.50) & the mascara (£17.00), due to saving (bad times).

Weird Couple Alert

Scarlett Johansson & Sean Penn

Sorry for another one, but seriously!  When has all this new hooking up occurred!?
Why, I mean really WHY, would you leave Ryan Reynolds for Sean Penn!?
There is no logic in that!

Sean Penn is an ASSHOLE!


Weird Couple Alert

 Keira Knightley & James Righton

When the fajitas did this occur!  Keira only dropped Friend over Christmas, now she's making out with Klaxons' keyboard player James.  Have the Klaxons even produced anything decent in the last year?

Weird is all I can say...WEIRD!


You make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream...

Managed to actually retain some semblance of a life this weekend, for which I am truly grateful.  Hannah & I  drove down to Wembley (well, Hannah drove & exceptionally well I might add, didn't get lost once!) last night to see Katy Perry live at Wembley Arena.

Due to my greatness (oh & that Barclaycard I happen to have tucked away), we managed to queue jump (not that there particularly was one) & head straight for the VIP lounge, to chillax before the main event with a vodka & orange (no coke for me sil vous plait).

I wasn't greatly impressed by the under sexteens (anyone under the age of 16) that seemed to be EVERYWHERE!  Especially in the VIP lounge.  In fact, considering it's officially called the Unwind Lounge, I do not feel it lived up to its name with the amount of infants parading around.  Standards people, standards!

Bar the kiddie partay, I was greatly impressed by the lady herself.  In fact, I was quite enamored of her.  Costume changes, storyline, trapeze artists, confetti cannonballs, mini firework displays...You name it, she pretty much had it & I wont lie, I liked what she had.

I did really like her first album & then only really bought a few tracks off the second one.  In fact, if I'm honest, I wasn't that fussed about seeing her, even when I bought the tickets, but I'm so glad I went.  I'm also now in love with her new track E.T.  Which I wasn't so keen on when I first heard it.  I will admit that I have now purchased it...In spite of the fact that Kanye West is on it & I despise him!

Not a big fan of the video, but you gotta admit, after a few listens the song does seem quite catchy.  No?

Essentially, if you like the Perry, I would defo recommend stumping up the cash & going to see her.  Go, NOW!


Man Shape Guest Blogger - Sir Peter Fleming

So here I am, back again.  Thanks to all in the blogosphere who found (& are still finding) time to click & read my previous missive.  Also many thanks for the faith shown in me, by your usual host.

With summer nearly upon us, thoughts turn to long lazy summer afternoons filled with Pimms, cricket et tous les!  For persons of the male persuasion however, this is the season that can potentially lead to the greatest sartorial faux pars & social embarrassment.  Whilst I in no way am attempting to set myself up as any kind of expert on the subject, I hope I can impart on you ,some of the greatest lessons in styling I have learnt over the last ** years...

To begin, here are five core male pieces for the summer months:

1.  The Straw Hat

2.  The Grey Suit

For the summer, the weight of the cloth is obviously key & remember, when buying double breasted, it is no longer the 80's!  Structure = Good.  Big shoulders = Bad.

3.  The Classic Polo

Clearly unbranded is best, Uniqlo, Zara or Gap.

4.  The Swimming Trunk

No man should EVER wear any swimwear smaller than the classic Y front.  The best bet in most cases being the trunk.

5.  The Summer Scarf

Mark my words, these will be everywhere this season!

And finally, if you're a gentleman in search of one look for summer, or a lady trying to drag an errant partner into something approaching stylish, head straight for our friends at mrporter.com & their article 'Alfresco Appropriate'.  My choice...Cleary.