Le Festival De Cannes 2011

Courtney Courtney Courtney, what can I say.  This woman is incapable of not looking a mess!

Gwen Stefani donned a monochrome number by Armani Privé.  I quite liked the shape & cut of the dress, however, either the dress or Gwen's posture is causing her to look pregnant.  Is this just me?

Italian actress & TV host Fiammetta Cicogna wore a rather fetching & multi-hued dress, the shape of which I was rather drawn to.  I have no idea of the designer though.

Ryan Gosling (pictured with Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn) was looking rather dapper in his tux, which was spotted only a few days ago, in a grey hue, on Jude Law!  I have to say, I'm loving it on Ryan, but it was so not working for Jude.  Sorry Jude, maybe next time.

French actress Clotilde Hesme was wearing some avant-garde creation that was simply bizare!  I excuse most fashion faux pas' made by ze French, however, this one...

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