As day breaks & in shines the light

So one of our family friends is currently living out in China at the moment (as you do) & through the powers of Facebook Homepage, I saw a pic she posted which blew my mind!

[Please note, this is not the actual picture.  The actual picture was WAY better than this, but FB has made it uber difficult to pinch pics now.  Gay.]

I was like "Holy guacamole!!!"  This shiz is craZy!!!  Here's me using my Garnier Summer Body to get myself as dark as humanly possible (note that's dark, not orange!) & you've got the Chinese trying to get as white as humanly possible!

I know that in many cultures paler skin is considered beautiful & that sometimes you can be considered from a lower caste if your skin is deemed as too dark.  But it makes you think doesn't it, how one culture can feel so strongly about something & another culture can have completely opposing views.

Neither is of course right or wrong, it's simply the society we've been brought up in.  I think I'd still rather be tanned.

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