Sweet Delights

I feel bad that I've never had macaroons.  Like I feel as those I have deprived myself somewhat.

I think it will be an ABSOLUTE MUST that I should try them when I hit Paris...in FOUR weeks time!  EEEK!

Can you gauge my excitement yet?


  1. omg ME EITHER! i think we're going to go to paris for our honeymoon..so i will eat one then :) but since thats over a year away i want a full report on your macaroon experience. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. Awww Paris for your honeymoon!!! BEST honeymoon destination EVER! Ze romance! Oooh lala! Over a year away doesn't sound so good though, I hope they shall be worth the wait! I shall have a nibble & most definitely let you know! x