Cinderella Man

I finally got to see Cinderella Man, like six years after its release.  I'm so ahead of the times don't ya know! Anyway, I completely balled my eyes out nearly the whole way through!

As I knew absolutely nothing about James J. Braddock, I had no idea of the outcome of the last fight against Max Baer.  Which only served to make watching it even more exciting.  I was literally balling my eyes out & screaming (inwardly, doubt my neighbours would take kindly to my caterwauling) "C'mon Jimmy!!!  Gawd it was intense!

I have to say, despite the fact that I think Russell Crowe is the biggest douche alive(!!!), he was actually pretty impressive & somewhat likeable in this.  That was difficult for me to say, but there, I've said it.  I may deny it later.

When I was little my dad was always a fan of boxing & so I learnt to take a moderate interest in it.  I used to love watching the fights.  After seeing this film, it has definitely re-sparked my interest in the sport!

Is it wrong to want to box now???  Not that I'd make it through a single round, I've got arms like twigs & fists of leaves!  Still, it looks kinda fun, in a gruesome manor.  Don't fancy a broken nose though...


  1. The fact you wanna box porridge is possibly better then you know. The simple fact is it will get rid of those chaffing thighs and tone your whole self up more then you can imagine... so my tip is to get in the ring! if you need some tips ask ;-)

    Crowe is no douche!!!!! have you seen "A Good Year' ? me thinks you'll likey likey, if not feel free to silence me.

    Yours anonymously.... Jason X

  2. Well, anything that gets rid of my chaffing Jason! Fancy a spar then? So long as my face doesn't take a battering, this thing's the money maker!

    I have indeed seen A Good Year & I liked it especially because he drives a Smart Car! However, he is still a douche!


  3. Dont take the chaffing comment too seriously pleaseee... Im sure it can be arranged but I cant promise anything my aim isnt too good, but i'll try for body shots only!

    Smart Cars are always driven by douches!... joke. X

  4. It's alright, I just cried myself to sleep. [sob sob] Aw thanks, so I'll just be bruised from the neck down, yeah? Maybe we should wait until after La Grande Aventure. Bikinis don't cover bruises so well.

    P.S. Smart cars are reem! How dare you! Mine is defo ze business! haha

    P.P.S. You owe me a visit & some fish & chips! x