Quote Of The Day

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." - Edgar Allan Poe

Love Affair

It has been a long ass day!  Firstly I had to creep out of bed to be at work for 9:30am...My alarm woke me at 9:09am...There was some rushing involved & the makeup was sacrificed!  That's right mes amis, I faced the world bare ass naked!  It was harsh, especially with my puffy eyes from complete lack of sleep (lethargy is a bitch!).  Bad times, bad times.

After work mère & I went shopping for Moroccan lanterns & returned three hours later with new crockery, a wicker laundry basket, a whole lot of food & no lanterns...I also attempted to find myself a cheap ass bikini in H&M.  I thought this would be exceptionally easy, after I spied £8 ones a few weeks back...Could I find ONE frickin' matching bikini for £8, oh hell to the no!  Also trying to find a bikini top that fits my petite bust is harder than you would think.

Alas, things were not improved upon when I sat down to dinner & shortly came to realise I was missing 90210!!!  I missed the first ten crucial minutes!  Dag nab it!

90210 is by far my most FAVOURITE of shows...EVER!  I was so sad that it was the last in the series.  Boo flaming hoo!  But it did end on a cliff hanger & at one point I thought my love idols Annie & Liam were gonna throw it all away, but phew, in the end love prevailed!  [sigh]  100% convinced that I need a love like theirs!  [swoon]

I cannot wait until it returns to my box...Please don't take too long my love...!


The excitement is beginning to take a hold...

After my complete breakdown the other day (manic depression is a bitch!), I have finally recovered & am now 100% EXCITED!!!  I'm not talking a lil excited here, I'm talking overwhelming EXCITEMENT!!!

Ellie discovered a FREE & rather fabtabulous event out on the French south coast, which we are ditching Bordeaux for.  I do not wish to throw too many deets out, as this is a rather ama-ziiing event, which is not very public to the Brits & I aim to keep it that way!  However, some ama-ziiing djs, one in particular, shall be gracing the event with their musical talents.  We are both exceptionally excited!

I finally got paid today (earlier than I thought!), although it is not as good as it should be, due predominantly because the Tax Office decided to bend me over & screw me like a bitch AGAIN!  Seriously guys, you say you know you're wrong & yet, you still insist on stealing my funding!  Bitch, wanna know yourself!

Regardless, my savings account is finally looking a healthy figure & this too is aiding in my immense excitement!  (I think the word excitement may be somewhat overused in this post...)  It is only a matter of weeks before we depart!  Eeek!

I still have A LOT of prep to do!  Confirming hotels, cancelling others, stocking up on contact lenses (I actually wanna see all the hawt French men, not just sense their presence!), sort out a road trip playlist (muchos important!), get a bikini that not only matches but fits too (turns out this is useful, who knew!).  So MUCH more too!   Pffft.

I also have to fit this all in around working six days a week!  In fact I am even working the day I leave!  Haha!  [yawn]  I may sleep the entire journey to Dover, the ferry over to Calais & the hours into Paris (Ellie will be driving, natch, not just sleeping at the wheel, swear down).

In fact, we will be getting into Paris VERY early, like 5/6am, so we are a) gonna be EXHAUSTED & b) not gonna know what to do with ourselves!  I say a light sunrise stroll down the Seine & then a Mocha once the cafés have opened.  Oooh, I'm getting excited again just thinking about it!!!

I still need to fix my camera though.  It keeps conking out & won't turn on!  This will not do!  I have about a MILLION pictures to take!  Seriously though, when I normally go away for a week or two, I take about three hundred photos...Sooo, I'm thinking we could easily be talking over a thousand snaps here!  Oooh er!  I may have to fill my house up with frames when I return!

In the meantime, to distract me from getting over excited (who am I kidding, this is impossible!), we may possibly be getting a new HAWT man shape at work!!!  Oooh er, do I hear you say professional ice hockey player...Well, yes, yes you do!

If we get to have him I shall be muchos pleased!  I need a distraction from the last man crush!  Eurgh, he was SUCH a disappointment!  Let's just say, if his musical entourage gets signed, I shall be faced with a constant reminder whenever I switch on ze radio.  Note to self, do not hook up with musical types, it will only end in tears & unfortunately not theirs!  Gay!

I shall end this post as I started it...I am REALLY FRICKIN' EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Child's Play

I finally get paid again on Tuesday (wooop!), which will relieve my current impoverished state.  However, as it is my last pay cheque before departing from England, most of it will go on bills & of course SAVINGS!  Booo!

Regardless, I will be making one final fashion related purchase before I go...An Yves Saint Laurent Colouring Book.  Yes, you heard me right, a colouring book!  That's just how I roll.

The book contains unpublished designs & apparently takes you on a journey through the marvellous, creative & revolutionary mind of YSL.  You also get a glimpse of his inspirations, from art & entertainment to countries & culture, along with unseen sketches.

I feel in fashion terms, it is a necessary purchase.  Plus I've managed to track one down on eBay for a bargainess £3.48 avec FREE P&P!  How could I deny it!  Especially when Topshop are selling them for £5.99!

UPDATE:  As I got paid early I can now confirm that, the YSL colouring book has been purchased & is winging its way to me as I type!  Officially my LAST indulgence  before France!  Honest!

Quote Of The Day

"There is a condition worse than blindness & that is, seeing something that isn't there." - Thomas Hardy

Love Affair

Urgh, I've basically fallen in love with this hotel in Singapore!!!

Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore.

This place is AMA-ZIIING!!!
That infinity pool is insane in the frickin' membrane!!!
Need this place in my life...NOW!!! 

Pig Post

Mr Piggles giving his best puppy dog eyes in an attempt to get some dinnertime kibble.
Mère may have relented & handed over some poulet.
Who could say no to that face!


Quote Of The Day

"I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity." - Edgar Allan Poe

Love Affair

Yep, today's Love Affair is indeed with SLEEP!  Not the song, just actual sleep!  I'm currently on my sixth day of a ten day shift.  My next day off is Friday & I have so much to do in preparation for La Grande Aventure (yes, I'm back to my happy state about going now, more of this later), that I won't even be able to spend the whole day sleeping, which is what I would secretly like.

I seem somehow unable to get to sleep before 3am each night, so I haven't exactly been catching up on my zzzs.  Plus, day naps really don't help, because I wake up feeling really groggy afterwards.  Sad sad times mes amis, sad sad times.  [yawn]

Cinderella Man

I finally got to see Cinderella Man, like six years after its release.  I'm so ahead of the times don't ya know! Anyway, I completely balled my eyes out nearly the whole way through!

As I knew absolutely nothing about James J. Braddock, I had no idea of the outcome of the last fight against Max Baer.  Which only served to make watching it even more exciting.  I was literally balling my eyes out & screaming (inwardly, doubt my neighbours would take kindly to my caterwauling) "C'mon Jimmy!!!  Gawd it was intense!

I have to say, despite the fact that I think Russell Crowe is the biggest douche alive(!!!), he was actually pretty impressive & somewhat likeable in this.  That was difficult for me to say, but there, I've said it.  I may deny it later.

When I was little my dad was always a fan of boxing & so I learnt to take a moderate interest in it.  I used to love watching the fights.  After seeing this film, it has definitely re-sparked my interest in the sport!

Is it wrong to want to box now???  Not that I'd make it through a single round, I've got arms like twigs & fists of leaves!  Still, it looks kinda fun, in a gruesome manor.  Don't fancy a broken nose though...


Love Affair

Since watching Metronomy perform on Later with Jools Holland, I have developed somewhat of a soft spot for this four piece.  Which makes the news that they shall be performing at Eurockéenes in July very exciting!

Really looking forward to seeing them perform live!

Hot to Trot of the week

This week's crush is: Andy Samberg!

LOVE Andy, literally LOVE him!  I thought he was HIGHlarious as Paul Rudd's gay brother Robbie, in I Love You, Man & now he's just done a video for Akon's track I Just Had Sex, with Jorma Taccone & Akon himself, which is also...HIGHlarious!

Plus, he's a Jew & you know I love me some Jew boys.  Well, if you didn't, you dayumn well do now!

Can I leave now?

So I had an idea to finally grab life by the balls & go do everything I ever wanted. I threw it all away so I could go travel round France for a few months. Incorporate myself with the local lifestyle, work out there picking fruit & shizzle. I wanted to immerse myself & hopefully find some meaning to my life along the way.

Now, now I'm going to party with P Diddy in Cannes & live it up with a bunch of English guys on a beach in Spain. This is not a journey of self discovery. This is a glorified holiday. A long holiday & one I have taken many times before.

I don't want to sweat it out listening to mediocre music with other English people. I don't want to have thrown it all away to be with English people. The whole idea was to get AWAY from the Brits! Now even the stalker ex will be there!

How is this a journey of self discovery! I am not happy. I am not excited & quite frankly I don't feel like going!

This may be a last minute panic attack, but I'm having it anyway!

As day breaks & in shines the light

So one of our family friends is currently living out in China at the moment (as you do) & through the powers of Facebook Homepage, I saw a pic she posted which blew my mind!

[Please note, this is not the actual picture.  The actual picture was WAY better than this, but FB has made it uber difficult to pinch pics now.  Gay.]

I was like "Holy guacamole!!!"  This shiz is craZy!!!  Here's me using my Garnier Summer Body to get myself as dark as humanly possible (note that's dark, not orange!) & you've got the Chinese trying to get as white as humanly possible!

I know that in many cultures paler skin is considered beautiful & that sometimes you can be considered from a lower caste if your skin is deemed as too dark.  But it makes you think doesn't it, how one culture can feel so strongly about something & another culture can have completely opposing views.

Neither is of course right or wrong, it's simply the society we've been brought up in.  I think I'd still rather be tanned.


Celebs I hate to love & love to hate!

So I officially hate Lindsay Lohan.  Essentially I did actually really like her at one point, however, she seemed to turn into a cranked out douchebag & I just went off her.

However, rather annoyingly, she just manages, in some way that I cannot explain, to look drop dead HAWT in film & photo!  It's sooo annoying!  You can't help but feel that pang of jealousy.  Damn her!

Love Affair

I have fallen head over heels in love with I Blame Coco!!!  Literally cannot get enough!  Coco (Eliot Paulina Sumners), is of course the daughter of Sting & Trudie Styler, to be honest, this is not a plus point for me.  However, her eerie lyrics & husky, even masculine voice, are really intriguing.  I think she is the love child of Alexa Chung & Noel Fielding!  Haha.

Really love the following two tracks & am currently obsessively listening to them on repeat!


Sweet Delights

I feel bad that I've never had macaroons.  Like I feel as those I have deprived myself somewhat.

I think it will be an ABSOLUTE MUST that I should try them when I hit Paris...in FOUR weeks time!  EEEK!

Can you gauge my excitement yet?

Man Crush

Argh, mrporter.com has the best men shapes featured on their site!  Last time it was my absolute ultimate man crush: David Macklovitch!  This time round, it's my recent crush: Peter Sarsgaard!

Thinking he doesn't look quite as hawt with hair this short!?  Also, & I am ashamed to admit to this, I so did not know that he was Mr Gyllenhaal!  How did this information bypass me!?  I do not know.  Especially as they have been together for YEARS & have a child together!  Shame.  On.  Me.

Improvement Required. Apply Within.

The Coke obsession has got out of hand...

I'm not exactly helping myself.  It is nearly four weeks until Ellie & I depart for La Grande Aventure!!!  I need to be svelte, tanned & matchstick thighs by the 25th of June.  Bikinis, skirts, shorts, 30° heat...I'm so not prepared for this.  [looking rather concerened]

Currently the weather is cold & wet, which is not inspiring me to consume salads & go for thigh shrinking walks.  All I care for is chocolate, Coke, my oversized Lux grey granddad cardi, Toast cashmere bed socks & visual entertainment.  Anything healthy need not apply.

"Dear God, I would like to request the delivery of some sunshine, heat included & some much needed enthusiasm.  Grazie.  AMEN!"


I'm also rather partial to the shoot she did for V's Asian issue.
(Gaga clearly the epitome of an Asian woman, naaat.)

P.S. LOVING her hot pink lippy!  MUST BUY STAT!

Rolling Stone

Rather liking the shoot Gaga did for Rolling Stone's June issue.

Weird Couple Alert

Although Daisy Lowe has been dating Matt Smith for over a year now, I still can't get my head around what it is exactly she sees in him!?

Dude is a skinny, pasty lil fug boy!  In interviews he always comes across like an egotistical douchebag, like you would not believe!  I think dating Daisy has gone to his head in a big way!  When they break up he'll probably become a modelizer!  Ha!

I can't say Daisy seems to carry much weight in the brains department, she always seems rather childlike, i.e. childish.  But, she had Mark(y Mark) Ronson, girlfriend could have upped her game after that!  Ronson is hot cha cha cha!  Why date this dude!  Man is naaasty!

Literally makes me feel sick when I see pictures of the two canoodling, especially when he's topless!  Eurgh, no one needs those kind of images thank you.

Love Affair

For one horrible moment, I thought I had nothing to offer in way of a Love Affair for today.  I was clearly lacking inspiration.  However, I stumbled across this lil video & all the inspiration came flooding back...

I love the line:  "Williamsburg is sort of like my lover, whereas London is more like my husband. I love my husband, and I'll always be with him, but Williamsburg is so exciting."

I have for a considerable amount of time now, really loathed Alexa Chung.  I didn't like her annoyingly shitty weekend show that she did (which thankfully got axed) & she always seemed a lil too cool for school.  However, my opinion of her has somewhat changed of late for some inextricable reason, unbeknown to myself.

I honestly don't know what it is that made me change from hate to love, but I do honestly quite like her now!

I read an article on her in Vogue's June issue, which helped & now this video.  Maybe she just seems less threatening.  Like before she was just so achingly cool, that you kinda wouldn't want to know her, because you'd only end up feeling depressingly uncool.  But now, she almost seems quite the norm & somewhat reachable on a cool level.  If any of that ramble makes sense.

P.S.  I really want to go to Williamsburg now!


I once danced the night away...

Now I eat, read & sleep.  Life is not the same.

Track of the Week

My new obsessive tune of the moment is Aloe Blacc's I Need A Dollar.  Literally OBSESSED by this track right now!

Through snoop(doggy dogg)ing, I have found out that Aloe (real name Egbert Nathaniel Dawkins |||, how cute is that!?) is thirty one & from Orange County, USA.  I Need A Dollar is from his second album Good Things, which was released over in the US last year & has now been released here in the UK.

Good Things is a bargainess £5.99 over at iTunes, so me thinks I may have to invest!  Those soul/R&B vibes are really doing it for me, not gonna lie.  Major plus point being that Aloe is hawt cha cha cha!  Always helps.

Love Affair

In some randomness, that always exists in my life, I actually shed tears whilst reading an article on Tracey Emin in the June issue of Vogue.  It was simply pages of short paragraphs on her by her friends, followed by a Q&A with Emin herself.

I have to say, I've not always been a big fan of Emin.  In fact, I have always been rather dismissive of her work.  But after reading the article & the interview with her, I think I have a new love affair blooming.

Charlotte Sinclair: "What do you hope for in the future?
Emin:  "That cats live forever.  That I can have the patience to learn French.  And that I can fall in love with someone who really loves me, who would go to the end of the world for me."

Tears were especially shed when she described waking up in tears, missing her father, who died just last year.  Mine died over a year ago now & I still cry myself to sleep from time to time.  It's always the missing that hurts the most.

I feel we may have more in common than first thought!  Except, I'd rather dogs live forever.

Emin also recently came to my area to open the Turner Contemporary art gallery in town & I feel it may be time to go for a visit.  Refresh my artistic knowledge.

Chanel Cruise Collection 2012

Dear old Karl has made himself a lil short film for Chanel's 2012 Cruise Collection.  The film, The Tale of a Fairy, stars a multitude of names, including Amanda Harlech Kristen McMenamy, Bianca Balti, Baptise Giabiconi, Brad Koening, Jake Davies, Mark Vanderloo, Oriol Elcacho, Sebastien Jondeau, Seth Kuhlmann, Anna Mouglalis & Freja Beha as the fairy.  Phew, that is one heavy cast.

Sadly the intensely poor acting skills of most of the cast, Kristen especially, make this on the one hand rather a compulsive watch & on the other, absolutely cringe worthy!  Anna Mouglalis was the only person holding this shiz together, but then, she is an actual actress!

I simply couldn't look away...Perhaps despite the urge to...I have to say though, Baptise Giabiconi...I most definitely would!



Love Affair

Is it wrong that I have a love affair with the homeless?  Since I met that homeless guy in Shoreditch the other week, I can't help but feel completely enamoured by them.  They always seem so happy & hopeful, despite their obvious lacking of material possession & general security in life.  Maybe there is more to life after all!?

This hobo in Miami has invented a flippable sign for passers by.  Ingenious!  Peeps like this deserve so much more in life.



Not gonna lie, really liking this...

Love a bit of Cee Lo Green.


Love Affair

Each day week, I seem to discover someone/something new & begin a full blown love affair with them/it.  Unfortunately, due to my short attention span, this love affair is often brief, however my current crush is model Freja Beha Erichsen.

Obviously she is ama-ziiing looking, all cheekbones & matchstick legs, but the real reason for my crunching is her love affair with tattoos.  If there is one thing I love & shall most likely always love, it is tattoos & I'm liking hers muchos.  It's making me want new ink STAT!