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Let me introduce myself; I'm Alix, a twenty six year old writer with a penchant for getting my heart broken.

The facts; I studied ballet for nearly four years & still can't pirouette properly.
After ballet, I studied French for two years & yet, can now barely hold a conversation when in France.  I love to play chess (even used to be in chess club at school), but can never find anyone to play against.  I love playing tennis (was also in tennis club at school), but am unfortunately rubbish at it.  I used to obsessively ride my bicycle all day, everyday & then, after many years without one in my life, found out in Lyon, that in actual fact, you can forget how to ride a bicycle.  I love to play jazz when I'm happy & only when I'm happy.  I fall in love more times than is healthy.  I am obsessed with France & generally all things French.  Sadly however, the French do not obsess over me.

After spending many years exploring the world, on mini adventures & some longer ones, I finally decided that an ordinary life was not enough for me.  So, I gave up my home, my possessions, employment & snuggles with my Frenchie, Mr Pig, & am now traveling around Europe alone, in search of a better existence.

Ultimately, my hope is to end up happily settled, with a handsome brown eyed, bearded man, in an apartment somewhere in Paris.  The place would be small, but perfectly cosy, with a few walls adorned with vintage floral wallpaper, we would hang together.  We'd stack old beaten up leather suitcases to make a coffee table & in front, there would be an old button-back leather sofa to cuddle up on.  We'd have fresh flowers crammed into every jar & an old gramophone in the corner, that would always play Ella Fitzgerald.  I'd bake cakes & he'd read books & we'd walk Mr Pig together, along the Seine every evening, huddling together for warmth.  Then we'd come home & play chess in our pajamas, whilst sipping hot chocolate.


Well, it could happen.


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