Weird Couple Alert

Although Daisy Lowe has been dating Matt Smith for over a year now, I still can't get my head around what it is exactly she sees in him!?

Dude is a skinny, pasty lil fug boy!  In interviews he always comes across like an egotistical douchebag, like you would not believe!  I think dating Daisy has gone to his head in a big way!  When they break up he'll probably become a modelizer!  Ha!

I can't say Daisy seems to carry much weight in the brains department, she always seems rather childlike, i.e. childish.  But, she had Mark(y Mark) Ronson, girlfriend could have upped her game after that!  Ronson is hot cha cha cha!  Why date this dude!  Man is naaasty!

Literally makes me feel sick when I see pictures of the two canoodling, especially when he's topless!  Eurgh, no one needs those kind of images thank you.

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