Imformative collective jumple of shiz

So firstly I'd like to start by wishing Ms Warner a very 'Feliz Cumpleaños!!!  I shall be driving over to see her tomorrow afternoon to help her celebrate gaining another year.  Muchos merriment shall be had, whatever we end up doing.

I'd also like to thank Sir Peter Fleming for his uber generous contribution to my friend Christian's Cash For Cancer Campaign (that's my official name for it now)!  Christian was bowled over by your generosity, as was I, although I know you have a heart of gold & the style to match.  Grazie!

Lastly I'd like to say, thanks to my infamous snoop(doggy dogg)ing, I have come across some Tiger Love (yes, I am currently obsessed) GOLD!  Click here & watch the video!  I need this track in my life!!!  Maybe I'll just bug the boys 'til they give it to me...

That is all.


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