Le Festival De Cannes 2011

Bonsoir mes amis!  Yesterday Blogger decided to shut down & wipe off all of my posts for the 12th May, like an irritating twat!  Thankfully it is now back up & running & the posts have been returned.  However, I am still experiencing some technical difficulties.  I'm hoping the situation will be resolved shortly.

In the meantime, I shall continue with my eye spying of the Cannes fashion parade:

Emily Browning chose a lace Valentino number, which I thought was sweet, but not quite enough to impress.  Plus, is it just me (or the dress), or does she look really frickin' short!?  Regardless, I am quite intrigued to see her new film Sleeping Beauty, which looks quite dark & interesting.

Alexa Chung donned a simplistic vintage ivory number by Balenciaga.  I would definitely state Ms Chung as a celebrity I love to hate & hate to love.  Girlfriend's pins are REDIC!  I need matchsticks like that!  [sigh]

Diane Kruger wore a simply chic custom gold beaded dress from the Calvin Klein Collection, designed by the brand's creative director Francisco Costa.  Kruger is of course the current face for Calvin Klein Beauty.

I think Joshua Jackson is channeling Justin Bieber, with the whole sneakers & tux look.  Joshua, you are not sixteen anymore, step it up!

Rachel McAdams wore a gold bustier & high-waisted trousers by Monique Lhuillier.  Colour wise I'm liking it, but in some other pictures the trousers didn't seem greatly flattering.  I have to admit I have a phobia of trousers unless they're super skinny.  It's just a thing...

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