l'essentiel été

It is safe to say that summer is officially upon us.  Temperatures have been in the mid twenties & blue skies have been spotted all over town.  However, the Jubilee weekend is approaching & no doubt, being the country we are, the weather shall predictably take a turn for the worst, as it does with every Bank Holiday.

Regardless of the current British weather forecast, it is most definitely time for all vacays to be booked & therefore we must inevitably turn our attention to the most important of tasks, assembling our capsule summer wardrobe!

Menshapes & menswear are always the biggest allure to me, so I feel it is a relevant place to begin.  These are my main summer season essentials...

The Swim Shorts.  An essential part of any man's vacation wardrobe.  I've gone for this snazzy printed pair from Orlebar Brown.  An investment at £165.   These bad boys are practicality with an edge.  Team with plain cotton tees during the day & crisp white shirts in the evening.

This printed £225 Burberry Prorsum tee is a definite favourite of mine.  Although it could be considered as a bold, almost statement piece, I think it can easily be dressed up or down, but definitely takes someone style savvy to bring the best out in it.

A light cotton blazer is always an essential item, especially when frequenting Cannes & such locations.  Easily smartens up the most casual of attire.  But remember, single breast is best!  Double is death to the waistline at any age!  This slim-fit number by Ami is parfait & the light blue hue is very amenable.  At £490, this is definitely an investment that will bring a return!

 These Common Projects low-top leather sneakers are to die for!  Simple aesthetics make for incredible versatility.  More hard wearing than your average pair of canvas Converse & enough credibility to sport after hours.  To be teamed with everything!  These babies are worth every penny of the £260 price tag.

When it comes to shades, beware!  There are three classic shapes, which will never date; The Wayfarer, The Clubmaster & The Aviator.  Now, just because these will never date, it does not mean to say that they suit everybody!  Experiment.  Once you've found a shape that suits, stick to it.  Do not, I repeat, do not deviate from this shape into unknown territory, unless you are absolutely sure you can pull it off.  Please be sure to have a second or third opinion on that!  These acetate frames by Cutler & Gross, lean towards the classic Wayfarer shape.  Their transparency means that they will affectionately compliment a multitude of things in your burgeoning wardrobe.  Therefore making the £300 asking price seem rather reasonable.

These pieces are investments.  Items that will stand the test of time & offer you summers of love.  All you need to do is shell out a small sum on some basic essentials to fill in the gaps & you're ready for what is turning out to be a rather sizzling & soon to be stylish summer!


My heart lies beyond these shores

I was taking a lil look through my photo albums the other day & it really made me realise how happy traveling makes me.

(Yes, I do snap a lot of scenery...That's just how I roll bitches.  Don't need too many snaps of myself, hell, that's what I've got a mirror for!)

I've never been career minded & the thought of settling down & reproducing horrifies me.  Therefore I have come to the life altering decision, that I shall be spending then next twelve months saving up to spend the rest of my life traveling.  More on this next time...


Love Affair

So fuck all this love & hair dramz, let's get back to what's really important here!


To be more specific, Jeffrey Campbell's Lita Spike!!!

Dayumn grrrl!

I nearly bought these the other week from Harvey Nichols, but with the silver studs.  So glad I didn't now, as they've brought them out with gold studs!

I hate silver!

These bitches are an essential addition to my wardrobe!

Close Shave

Finally purchased my very own pair of clippers today, so obviously I felt the need to shave off a lil more of my barnet.

Now at least you can't see my lesbian blonde roots so bad.

Y'know, I'm really getting a thing for this shaving malarkey.

Plus Monsieur Neptune thinks it's hawt, so y'know...



So, this weekend was redonkulous!  First off I had a MASSIVE breakdown over The Boy, who I'm thinking of renaming The Pleb.  (Thoughts?)  He basically kicked me to the kerb AGAIN, but in a more official heart breaking kinda way.  (Massive fucking douchebag alert!)

I had a massively hectic weekend planned, that I felt like abandoning with pathetic sadness, but thankfully refused to give up on in the end, 'cause hey bitches it was my friend's birthday & dumping on your friends in UNCOOL!  M'ckay!  Especially on their birthday!

So, I ploughed through work on Saturday & then hopped in my lil wagon & drove through the mean streets of Lewisham & some other unworldly places to get to Luceth's newly acquired abode in Kennington.  There was alcohol, there was pizza, there were some academic types & then there was South London Pacific.

Hawaiian themed bars that aren't uncool are hard to find, but we managed it.  Many pitchers of (loosely laced) alcoholic fruity cocktails were consumed.  A whole lotta dancing went down & the birthday girl made sure to have many a self-loathing aging complex tantrum.  Good times.

I have to admit, the night was made even better (if at all possible) by the fact that I met the hawtest guy, possibly in the world ever (okay, mild exaggeration).  Literally though, massive crush formed rather instantaneously.   I was like 'The Boy who!?'

Mr Neptune (as he shall formally be known), is still a tenderoni, but what appears to be a much more knowledgeable, put together kind of a tenderoni.  Give him some ink & I would be on it like a car bonnet!  No lie.  Dayumn fine kisser too!

After giving myself a whole four hours to recuperate,  I was back in the wagon, taking a lovely drive through Brixton, to get to work.  Balled my way through work, with thankfully, a not so horrific hangover & then headed out to Canterbury for teacup cocktails.

The only ish was the teacups were limited to ONE type of cocktail.  Who does that!  I felt I had a right to complain, but I relented & drank various other concoctions in martini glasses instead.  Dirty rotten bastards.

Joining me that evening was, my lover from another mother, SuzyQ & the delectable Charlotte Wall from The Tea Drinking English Rose.  Of whom I had not had the pleasure of meeting before!  I feel a somewhat instantaneous bond, to the degree that even if she didn't want to be friends...We're gonna be!

I believe we shall be frequenting The Ballroom more often from now on, though most definitely on a Saturday in future!  Last night was cute, live folk musik, soft lighting, but very quiet, whereas a Saturday night would clearly be more enlivening!  I also suspect it is the type of establishment that encourages the type of dapper bachelor I am looking for.  Mr Neptune is sumptuous, but one must always be equipped with options, especially after the last balls up!

To conclude, I had an amazing weekend, filled with friends, alcohol, French kissing... & have spent the entirety of today in bed, bar the short drive to the supermarché to get my mitts on some much needed chocolat!  If only every weekend  could be like this.  [sigh]


Hair Dramz

Sooo, I had dreams of being a lilac haired mermaid, to the point that I refused to listen to the advice of the hairdresser & went & dyed my barnet myself...With somewhat disastrous consequences.

The lilac dye is on its way, but in the meantime, I've managed bleached my hair into a shambles.

The shaved side of my head is practically NEON!


I shall be wearing this pork pie hat for SOME TIME, until things improve!

Now the big question is, is the lilac gonna improve this shambles...or make it worse, if that's possible!


Set Me Free & Let Me Be Me

This past weekend has been über intense on my delicate emotions, not gonna lie.  I guess Friday night started things off....

I felt like I just clarified the whole 'situation' with The Boy & then it's like he drop kicked me & decided that since he finally got his paws on some dollar & a phone (don't ask) I was no longer important.  I feel like it's my own fault that I let things get the way they did.  I didn't know what I wanted!  How could I have, it'd been so damn long since I allowed myself to want anything at all.

It was the whole thing with The Ex that did it.  Spend a lifetime having a fear of commitment & then you manage to stumble across the one guy that manages to break down your concrete barriers.  Two & a half years spent pulling my hair out, not knowing how to keep my identity whilst still being a part of something.  I was a novice.  I gave away not only my heart, but my entire sense of self.

After that, I guess I didn't know how to do both, so I'd start something & then end it before it got heavy.  Wouldn't let them in, in case I couldn't let myself get out.  By the time I met The Boy, I was just starting to figure myself out again.  In the words of Jay-Z (my obvious homeboy), I was gettin' my swagger back.  But then, he didn't want to be tied down & I didn't know what the hell I wanted at the time.  So I threw myself into something entirely blinded

Only now I can see exactly what I want.  I want to be with someone without feeling suffocated.  I want to be with someone who is drawn to me for me & who allows me to still be me, even when we're months down the line & things are getting 'heavy'.  I want to have my own dreams, whether they include him or not.  I'll have had them before he came along & if he leaves, I'll need them there when it's just me again.

I want him to have his own dreams too & I want to encourage him to fulfill them, even if they don't include me & it might inevitably mean losing him.  Because when you love someone, you only want for them to be happy, sometimes even when it's at your own expense.  Forcing someone to compromise or give up on their goals just to make yourself happy, means that your relationship will only sour with resentment.

I want to be with someone who respects me.  I'm not saying I have to be put first (I do that for myself), but I should be considered.  He should know by now how I feel.  I want to be with someone who gives me space, time to do my own thing, instead of 'our' thing all the time.  I want to be with someone who wants to spend time with me, because they enjoy my company, not because I'm a convenient option.

Overall, a relationship should never be equated to being tied down.  Because if that's how you really feel in it, then you're not in the right one!  Relationships are about spending time with someone you care about, someone that puts a smile on your face, someone who makes you feel special, because it's you they want to be around.

A relationship shouldn't trap you & stop you from doing your own thing.  It should however be about wanting to incorporate that someone into your thing.  About including it, not segregating it, like here's my 'relationship' & here's my 'life'.  It's not one or the other & being in one isn't about forever, it's just about the here & now & what will be will be & if this doesn't work out, sure it'll hurt, but hey, we've got the memories, right? I wouldn't regret it, unless I didn't learn from it.

Maybe I've lost someone I care about, or maybe I just found the part of me I lost to someone else.  Either way, at least now I do know what I want, now I just need to find someone who knows what they want!


Track Of The Week

I feel like this is me...most of the time...

Yeah, this is the longest video you will see in the history of the world ever...Enjoy!

Quote Of The Day

"I have the simplest tastes.  I am always satisfied with the best." - Oscar Wilde



Love Affair

I NEED this in my life!!!

Dayumn!  This is FRESH!

Yeah, I might already have a Kors to my name, but, what I've learned over the years is that, if it fits, get it in every fucking colour!

Pig Post!

This is more of a pig update really...(for all those Mr Piggles fans out there)

I took Mr Piggles back to the vets yesterday, for a check-up on his ears.  (Always problems with his ears! Groan.)  They're finally all good, although he still pretends to be deaf when you call him...unless you say dîner (yes, he knows French now, honest).

Whilst I was there I got the vet to check on his back legs, as EVERYONE had been pointing out how he's been walking oddly on them.  Turns out my ickle baby boy has bloody arthritis!  I mean honestly, he's not even four yet!

So now dear Mr Piggles is on yet another medication.  Poor dawg.