Hot to Trot of the week

This week's crush is: Andy Samberg!

LOVE Andy, literally LOVE him!  I thought he was HIGHlarious as Paul Rudd's gay brother Robbie, in I Love You, Man & now he's just done a video for Akon's track I Just Had Sex, with Jorma Taccone & Akon himself, which is also...HIGHlarious!

Plus, he's a Jew & you know I love me some Jew boys.  Well, if you didn't, you dayumn well do now!


  1. Bit behind the times here? That Lonely Island song "I Just Had Sex" (Not Akon's track, but Andy, Jorma and Akiva's) has been out since December last year! The latest one is with Michael Bolton and well worth a listen.

    You're usually so up to date, what happened?

  2. Clearly behind on ze times my friend.

  3. omg LOVE him. he is the only reason ill watch SNL. too funny xoxo jillian

  4. Funny & hawt! Always a good combination me thinks! :D x