Au Bientôt

Apologies for my recent absence.  I'm taking a break from writing at the moment.  However, you can find me over at calm disposition, where I am currently harboring my thoughts.

Until I return...



I'm not a Courtney Love fan, but I rather like this shot of her in November's Vanity Fair.

Au Revoir Ombre

Bonjour chocolat!

I like it.  Goes well with my hat too.  Ahhh, the hat.  I do love the hat.

Une Tragédie

I am so incredibly sad right now, as I have learned of Steve Jobs' passing.

I've been an Apple girl since I was ten, when my mum bought our first computer.  It was an original black Apple laptop.  I remember her updating it & getting the coloured clam shell version years later (which we still have somewhere).  I remember getting my first iPod when I was seventeen & shortly needing to get another one, as that one broke after excessive playing.

I've bitched about Apple no end.  Some of their products, mainly iPods, break & usually right after the warranty expires.  However, I'll always remain loyal.  I still have my old 120g iPod, which miraculously still works & may never be full (over five thousand tracks & they've not touched the sides).  I use my MacBook Pro religiously, (probably too much) which I only have because Apple gave it to me for FREE, after my three year old one died (I had no insurance either).  I abuse my iPhone, despite the fact that the button's stopped working & yes, I really really want to get an iPad 2.

So y'see, although Apple has made big bucks on holding back updated technology & some of their products can be crummy, our lives have been greatly improved by the work & initiative of Steve Jobs.  I for one am sad that his genius is no longer with us.  Really really sad.

Olsen Loving

This is both entertaining & weird, all at the same time!

But meh, it's the Olsens so I dig it.


Love Affair

So I've had an evil day from hell.  But, in my maturity, I have built a bridge & got over it.
I have also decided to re-dye my hair.  (yes, again!)  I'm going for all over chocolate brown.  No more ombre.
In preparation, I popped to Boots after work to purchase a tinting brush & accidentally got drawn in, by the devil named Topshop.  (bastard!)
I may have left with a faux fur cossack hat...I feel the purchase was a necessary addition to my winter wardrobe...At least that's what I keep telling myself.

I would like to point out that I simply loathe having my photo taken.  I find it abhorrent & I am also exceptionally un-photogenic.  It's a curse.  However, I wanted to show you the hat, as I am simply in LOVE!

I am off now to dye my barnet.  I shall pop a pic up of the hair if it looks nice.  If it doesn't?  You may never see me again.


Quote Of The Day!

"In order to be rich, you have to spend less than you earn." - Jill Zarin

Pig Post!

Mr Piggles recuperating after his birthday celebrations, which mainly consisted of being smothered to death with kisses. 


Joyeux Anniversaire!

Today is Mr Piggle's birthday!

He is all of three years old!

Such a pup.