I think the TV talks to me, I see things I shouldn't see

This girl is like my secret idol.  Not only for her lilac fro, but also because she has a septum piercing & darn it, I really wanna get this done!

Oh yeah & she's like a total babe too.  Kinda helps.

Anyone else think she has the Ellie Goulding about her in the first snap?

Free like a bird & this bird you cannot change

After what has seemed like an eternity, I finally got paid today.  You would think this would be a joyous occasion, however, as with every payday, it is just another reminder that I have failed, rather spectacularly, to get my shit together.  Eighteen months on a part-time wage.  It's enough to make any girl worth her weight in Vogue run for the Prozac!  I even broke my, most sacred, Barcelona bikini diet & had a second bar of Green & Black's.  My thighs will not thank me, or my bank balance, tomorrow.

No, people, this was one pay check too many, I am finally ready to actually make an effort to seek full-time employment!  I mean I'm actually considered an adult in some countries!  Like, twenty five is considerably old these days!  Hell, peeps are getting married & procreating & shizzle!  Peeps I know!  Makes me literally sick to my Louboutins!  If I had any Louboutins.

I can't deny my materialistic intentions in life.  It's no good having a Michael Kors watch, if you don't have it in every finish (currently lusting over the acrylic version) & there's no point in having JC Litas if you don't have a pair to go with every outfit!  I mean, what am I, an amateur!

Enough is enough!

To help make me feel better (& prettier), I did a spot of late night online shopping.  Dangerous, I know, especially with my weak-ass wage, but I did manage to bag myself some bargains!  I got two pots of La Riche Directions Lavender hair dye (trying a new shade for July) & their shampoo & conditioner for fourteen pounds!  Holla!  I'm hoping the shampoo & condish will help keep the colour for longer, 'cause dang, that shit washes out quick!

But I'm excited in any case, as Miss Wall & I shall be taking TeamPastel (twitter ref, natch) on vacay to Barcelona for my anniversaire in just a few short weeks.  Where we shall bake ourselves Costa Rican, drink ourselves into Betty Ford & eat 'til we've gained a pound (no more, we still have to be seen half naked on the beach you know).

In the meantime, to further inspire you to join TeamPastel, as it lovingly takes over the summer...


Just give me everything I want & nobody gets hurt!

¿Cómo estás bitches?  I received my very first birthday card yesterday!  All the way from my homeland; France!  Albeit, exceptionally early, it was very exciting to receive & now that we are in the lead up to the big day (yes, I still get excited for birthdays), I believe it is now time to provide you with my official birthday wish list.  Y'know, so you know what to get me & you bitches better get me something!

número uno

 Religion Ford Sunglasses - £50.00
These acrylic bad bois are gonna be parfait for my 90's minimal chic wardrobe.
Obviously, due to my (most likely hereditary) blindness, I will require them to have prescription lenses.  Luckily for you, my favourite website; eyewearbrands.com do free lenses & free delivery & are cheaper than anywhere else.  You're welcome.

número dos
MAC Impeccable Brow Pencil - £11.50
 Don't ever feel that you're copping out by buying me the essentials, 'cause believe me, nothing makes me happier than the gift of MAC!  Especially when we are talking about brow pencils.  I wasn't naturally blessed with full shapely brows & so, this item is my lifeline.  I had always used it in Dirty Blonde, but then I thought I'd take a gamble & change to Blonde, after I bleached my hair.  This was unfortunately a gamble which failed to pay off, as I now have seemingly amber hued arches.  I checked MAC's website & for some horrifying & unknown reason, they no longer seem to list either of these colours, so I'd advise you visit a counter.

número tres
MAC Bronzing Powder - £18.50
 Along with my need for pencil, my need for bronzer is equally important & life assisting!  My naturally porcelain skin, requires this level of coverage to make me appear less Edward Cullen & more Eva Mendes.  I usually opt for the Matte Bronze.

número cuatro
MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 - £19.50
In order for me to look as fabulous as I clearly am, I need this foundation in my life!  It's max coverage & hey, it's even SPF 15, so extra brownie points for me.  I used to use the palest shade they had, but then I realised that bronze is best, so now I'm all over NC25 like a heat rash.

número cinco
 Topman Denim Shirt - £30.00
I've posted on this before, that's how much I like it.  I have a thing for menswear, what can I say!
número seis

River Island Rucksack - £30.00
Again, posted this twinky before.  Even popped into River Island today & had a casual try-on.  Think this could totes work for me.

There's not particularly anything else I want...That isn't lovingly expensive, so y'know.  
I'm a list kinda girl, so don't waste your hard earned dollar on something you think I might like...'Cause I probably won't like it & then I'll have to incur bad karma lying to you that I do.  Failing everything, Topshop vouchers are always welcome.  But, I don't mind doubling up on the cosmetics side of things.  You can never have too much MAC.


Love Affair

Two things I love; Menswear & Aztec Print.  These two combined & I'm trippin'!

So you can imagine my glee when I saw these two bad bois!

Denim Shirt Topman £30.00

Aztec Rucksack River Island £30.00

I feel it is imperative that these items make it into my wardrobe ASAP!


Track Of The Week

Remember back in the day when I was having a love affair with David Macklovitch, only then I went & had a thing with his brother Alain, which kinda left me disillusioned & I ended up with neither?  

Yeah, well I was having a mooch in H&M today & this funky lil number was playing & I was like "oh snap, this tune is fresh".  So naturally I Shizamed the shiz outta it & boom, it turned out to be a track laid down by, electro duo, Punks Jump Up (one part London, one part Swede), featuring none other than my original lover, David Macklovitch!

Now I feel as though our love has rekindled...


Ain't Nothin' But A Lone Ranger

I've been suffering from writer's block for a while.  One of my friends told me to just pop up a page & the words would start flowing.  Hey look, I guess it's working...

Don't you ever find that the simplest things in life, can sometimes be the hardest to do.  Suddenly anything & everything just becomes too much effort.  That's when you know, you just know, it's time to make a change.

I'm most definitely at that stage in my life...again.  Everything feels so dissatisfying.  Bar Belgian chocolate milk.  'Cause that will always satisfy me.  [sigh]  But everything else...

Work has reached a level, where I don't even want to walk through the door anymore.  Just getting up & getting ready stresses me out & when I'm there, Gawd when I'm there, I have to almost physically fight with myself not to walk out!  Everyday is just another battle to get through 'til home time.

Life really shouldn't be that hard, should it?

Now I've worked out what it was I do want to do, essentially travel the world for the rest of eternity, living in the here & now has become quite literally impossible.  I'm not a planner & I don't want to spend the next year of my life suffering, saving up, for the rest of my life to be amazing.  It might be worth it, but to be honest, I don't have the patience.  I honestly am a here & now kinda girl, but if I don't like what's going on in the here & the now, then I pack my bag & I fuck off to where I do like it...Only, I currently don't have the funding to do that right now...

Seriously, when did life get this hard!  Or am I just making it this hard?  I'm not really sure anymore.  Maybe Barcelona will calm my soul for a while.

At least I have laid to rest my manshape dramas once & for all.  There is honestly no shame in trying at something & failing.  Where there is shame, is when you try, fail & then learn nothing & in turn repeat the process several times.  Usually resulting in hot salty tears & a fractured heart.  Now that is shameful!

Look, shit happens.  But it usually happens for a reason.  Y'know, to teach you something.  If you keep missing the lesson, then shit's just gonna keep happening 'til you do.  Which is exactly why I spent many sad, pathetic, lonely nights over analysing everything I said, did, everything he said, did until a light went on & I was like 'What da funk!'  After that I realised that actually, it was me that was getting it wrong.

So now, it's time to regress to my eighteen year old self & once again become a Lone Ranger.  It's not about being old & alone, but it is about being kick-ass & single.  I'm not looking for a sidekick, but I'm open to applications.  Anyone with douchebag qualities need not apply.

'Til the next time kids...I shall leave you with The Rolling Stones...


la deuxième partie

In the midst of my abandonment, I have finally arranged my birthday vacay!  I haven't been able to spend a birthday in England since I was seventeen.  After I spent my eighteenth birthday in Paris, I realised that birthday vacays were the way forward.  Otherwise it's just twenty four hours of disappointment.  True story.

My original idea of spending a week chillaxing in Tuscany, got dropped for my usual Parisian jaunt, which then later got kicked to the curb for a week in Barcelona!  We're talking hours upon hours spent bronzing on the beach, sipping copious amounts of Sangria & indulging in floral ice creams.  I don't think I could have simplified it any more really.

In my traditional random nature, my traveling companion shall be none other than Miss Wall of The Tea Drinking English Rose.  Yes, we may have only met once, but hey, when you know you know, right?  It doesn't take me long to know if I like someone or not & trust me, I don't like a lot of people.  I may look nice, but I'm a mean bitch.

la première partie

I've been absent.  I apologise.  I'm back now.  Honest.  Things, so many things, have been keeping me away from you.  Firstly, organising a 50th birthday tea party, for one of the most unsociable people I know; mère.

A good few weeks were spent awkwardly making arrangements for it, without her knowing.  Surprises & I don't go down too well.  I'm a known snitch.  But I managed it.  Although the stress of it certainly got to me & me being me, the organisation of this task was left very much down to the last minute.  There was me, the night before, baking three different types of cake at gone one in the morning.  But, regardless of all the stress involved, the birthday girl seemed to have a good time.  Especially for someone so anti-social.

I would like to state that the Victoria Sponge, Buttermilk Scones & Banofee Cupcakes were my contribution, oh & the Pimm's punchbowl, which I think mère had the majority of.  Drunkard.

When the party was finally over, the famille et moi went for cocktails for my cousin Kate's birthday.  There were cocktails, cocktail umbrellas, bartender oggling & then some shots...some more shots & then it just went downhill from there.  I won't lie, there were ill conceived dance-offs.  My cousin inadvertently cock-blocking me, as everyone thought he was my boyfriend!  (Ick factor 3000!)  Then to top it all off, their sister popped out a sprog at two in the morning.  Gawd, what a day!



Pastel hair is having a moment & I'm happy to be a part of it.
 Nothing makes you feel better than looking in the mirror & seeing a mass of candyfloss hair.
I made sure to invest in a crown of roses for mine.

To entice you further, here's some real hairspiration...

You're kinda intrigued now aren't ya...


Jubilee Washout

After another failed attempt at dating (Monsieur Neptune is dead to me), this weekend is somewhat turning out to be a washout.  In an attempt to keep my spirits up, I have finally made it onto Team Lilac.

My hair's a lil like candyfloss at the moment.  One of my besties will kill me, she spent hours attempting to cut all the dead ends off after a summer of dip-dying.  I like it though.