The excitement is beginning to take a hold...

After my complete breakdown the other day (manic depression is a bitch!), I have finally recovered & am now 100% EXCITED!!!  I'm not talking a lil excited here, I'm talking overwhelming EXCITEMENT!!!

Ellie discovered a FREE & rather fabtabulous event out on the French south coast, which we are ditching Bordeaux for.  I do not wish to throw too many deets out, as this is a rather ama-ziiing event, which is not very public to the Brits & I aim to keep it that way!  However, some ama-ziiing djs, one in particular, shall be gracing the event with their musical talents.  We are both exceptionally excited!

I finally got paid today (earlier than I thought!), although it is not as good as it should be, due predominantly because the Tax Office decided to bend me over & screw me like a bitch AGAIN!  Seriously guys, you say you know you're wrong & yet, you still insist on stealing my funding!  Bitch, wanna know yourself!

Regardless, my savings account is finally looking a healthy figure & this too is aiding in my immense excitement!  (I think the word excitement may be somewhat overused in this post...)  It is only a matter of weeks before we depart!  Eeek!

I still have A LOT of prep to do!  Confirming hotels, cancelling others, stocking up on contact lenses (I actually wanna see all the hawt French men, not just sense their presence!), sort out a road trip playlist (muchos important!), get a bikini that not only matches but fits too (turns out this is useful, who knew!).  So MUCH more too!   Pffft.

I also have to fit this all in around working six days a week!  In fact I am even working the day I leave!  Haha!  [yawn]  I may sleep the entire journey to Dover, the ferry over to Calais & the hours into Paris (Ellie will be driving, natch, not just sleeping at the wheel, swear down).

In fact, we will be getting into Paris VERY early, like 5/6am, so we are a) gonna be EXHAUSTED & b) not gonna know what to do with ourselves!  I say a light sunrise stroll down the Seine & then a Mocha once the cafés have opened.  Oooh, I'm getting excited again just thinking about it!!!

I still need to fix my camera though.  It keeps conking out & won't turn on!  This will not do!  I have about a MILLION pictures to take!  Seriously though, when I normally go away for a week or two, I take about three hundred photos...Sooo, I'm thinking we could easily be talking over a thousand snaps here!  Oooh er!  I may have to fill my house up with frames when I return!

In the meantime, to distract me from getting over excited (who am I kidding, this is impossible!), we may possibly be getting a new HAWT man shape at work!!!  Oooh er, do I hear you say professional ice hockey player...Well, yes, yes you do!

If we get to have him I shall be muchos pleased!  I need a distraction from the last man crush!  Eurgh, he was SUCH a disappointment!  Let's just say, if his musical entourage gets signed, I shall be faced with a constant reminder whenever I switch on ze radio.  Note to self, do not hook up with musical types, it will only end in tears & unfortunately not theirs!  Gay!

I shall end this post as I started it...I am REALLY FRICKIN' EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!