Love Affair

For one horrible moment, I thought I had nothing to offer in way of a Love Affair for today.  I was clearly lacking inspiration.  However, I stumbled across this lil video & all the inspiration came flooding back...

I love the line:  "Williamsburg is sort of like my lover, whereas London is more like my husband. I love my husband, and I'll always be with him, but Williamsburg is so exciting."

I have for a considerable amount of time now, really loathed Alexa Chung.  I didn't like her annoyingly shitty weekend show that she did (which thankfully got axed) & she always seemed a lil too cool for school.  However, my opinion of her has somewhat changed of late for some inextricable reason, unbeknown to myself.

I honestly don't know what it is that made me change from hate to love, but I do honestly quite like her now!

I read an article on her in Vogue's June issue, which helped & now this video.  Maybe she just seems less threatening.  Like before she was just so achingly cool, that you kinda wouldn't want to know her, because you'd only end up feeling depressingly uncool.  But now, she almost seems quite the norm & somewhat reachable on a cool level.  If any of that ramble makes sense.

P.S.  I really want to go to Williamsburg now!

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