Track Of The Week

So, as per, I have become hooked on a track from an advert...A Peugeot advert of all things!

Kinda like the lil Super Mario noises.

Retail Therapy

My Kurt Geiger sandals arrived yesterday!


Looking forward to wearing them...when the sun eventually makes a re-appearance.

I also managed to snap up a new floral blouse in the H&M sale!

I do love a blouse & hey look, for once I got one that's not sheer!

Go me for not flashing the boobies!



I've been in the market for some new sandals for a lil while now, but nothing has quite hit the mark.  

Until now.

I recently popped to Portsmouth with the famille & ventured into Kurt Geiger for a mooch.  Found some delish tan numbers, but decided to pass, as I was trying to be good with my dollar.

Then I decided to have a little look on their website this evening & holla(!) they're now on sale!  So naturally I purchased them & they are now winging their way to me.
[happy face]


I try to change, But it's not the same

In the midst of all this hair care, I got my nails did too...


Plus this...

Oh Topshop, how I love thee...

Let's get out of this town, baby we're on fire

Apparently I have a problem with the bottle...

Well, darn it, I've tried to kick the habit, but the love of pastel just keeps me coming back for more.

It shall be a lavender floral birthday in Barcelona after all...


Follow these instructions, do exactly as I do

I'm having a floral moment.

I feel like I should be in some flowing maxi dress, running around a field of Lavender.  Y'know, casual like.

I'll definitely be sporting lavender floral hair for my birthday this year.