MAJOR excitement!!!
David Macklovitch has been nabbed as one of mrporter's Men of Note to list his current favourite tracks.  Literally nearly melted to the floor when I saw it.  [swooon]

Click HERE to read the article for yourself.

Firstly he paid tribute to Duck Sauce, for obvious reasons.  You can't really not big up your own brother!

But it was his fondness for Fleetwood Mac that made me go all gooey on the inside.  I LOVE Fleetwood Mac.  They are my all time faves due to my induction to their sweet musik during my childhood.  In fact (although this is not strictly a FM track), I used to obsessively twirl around in an almost hypnotic state to Lindsey Buckingham's Trouble.  [sigh]

I cannnot, literally cannot believe that Chromeo will be performing at Wireless this summer!  Literally does not compute!  If I don't see them play all summer I will be seriously bummed!

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