Pig Post

Mr Piggles giving his best puppy dog eyes in an attempt to get some dinnertime kibble.
Mère may have relented & handed over some poulet.
Who could say no to that face!


  1. mr piggles! LOVE him :) hope you two are having a splendid day.
    xo jillian

  2. I hope you will be happy to hear that, I have decided to make Pig Posts a regular Monday feature! How to brighten a dreary Monday morning? Why a picture of the pig of course! Haha.

    I am having a splendid day, thank you & I hope you are too!!! x

  3. that sounds like a FANTASTIC idea. i have to pretend i have a pig..so mondays will be brighter w piggle posts :) xo

  4. I thought this may please you. :) Maybe I should dress him up, or get him to do tricks...liven this show reel up a bit! Jokes. x