Retail therapy is a must!

Oooh er, it's not 'alf been a good day today folks!  Busted out the faux leather leggings, threw on some clogs & went to spend some top dollar (mainly mère's to be fair).

In fact, mère purchased me some new kick-ass bed sheets & a beaded throw.  Quite Cathy-esque.  Actually looking forward to bedtime tonight!  Yes, I am that sad.

Took the pig for a walk after our visit to ze shops & the vintage shop was FINALLY open!  Sooo exciting!  They've got some ama-ziiing stuff, including this long cream coat from Paris.  Oooh er.  It was only £60, which I think is defo cheap, but I don't have £60 to spend on a coat right not, due to aventure saving...[sigh]

I did however, find a beautiful vintage scarf, adorned with Parisienne pictures on it.  I thought it was definitely a must-have purchase, especially when I found out it was only £3!!!

The store owner sells her garments on ASOS in their market place too!  So I might have a mooch over there later.  Just in case...

As the scarf is quite small, it has been allocated as a head scarf.  Liking it muchos, thinking it's defo gonna have to be worn in Paris, fo sho!


What a pain in my butt!

I have come to the conclusion that men look so much better with glasses on! Fact! Even David Beckham looks a bit of alright & I can't stand him! Why can't I find a nice shortsighted bloke in need of some help from Specsavers!? [sigh]

Finally got weighed today...Not lost a single pound. Not one pound! So unimpressed! At least I can be comforted by the fact that I haven't gained, but still...It's enough to make me run to the local shop for a pack of chocolate digestives. [sniff sniff]

At least my tannage is looking good. Went for my injection at the docs today & the nurse was like 'is that a real tan!?'. She even made me show my backside to the other nurse in amazement! Ha! I filled them in on my Garnier regime. Think they could be new disciples. Muchos merriment.

Finally found some faux leather leggings in my yocal H&M! Bargain price & I cannot wait to bust them out of the wardrobe...Maybe even tomorrow, as it's my day off...For the first time in TEN days! [yawn]

No rest for the wicked.


La grande aventure!

Ellie & I finally knuckled down to organise The BIG adventure!  Route planned, hotels booked & the excitement has now officially kicked in!

In less than three months time it's gonna be two hot girls, one hot convertible, some hefty luggage, 13 ama-ziiing destinations, two wicked European festivals, a lot of hawt men oggling & some MAJOR tanning!  Bring.  It.  On!!!


Paris 26th - 29th June 2011

Dijon 30th June 2011

Eurockéenes music festival, Belfort 1st - 3rd July 2011

Lyon 4th - 5th July 2011

Cannes 6th July 2011

Montpellier 7th July 2011

Perpignan 8th - 10th July 2011

Benicàssim music festival, Castelló 11th - 17th July 2011

Barcelona 18th - 20th July 2011

Toulouse 21st - 22nd July 2011

Bordeaux 23rd - 24th July 2011

Our friend Kathleen's abode in Chabanais 25th - 27th July 2011

Loire Valley (specific location TBC) 28th - 30th July 2011

Paris 31st July 2011

It's gonna be BIG, it's gonna be hard-ass, it's gonna be AMA-ZIIING!!!


Guest Blogger - Miss Ellie Dunn aka Haus Of Belles

So my lover from another mother, asked if I would be interested in contributing a post once every couple of weeks..... obviously I have jumped at the chance.

The posts will alternate between a fashion and beauty blog, to the two best 'M's'; Music & Men. Therefore I thought I should start how I mean to go on, with the M category.

The first new tune that I would like to share, is the new one from Friendly Fires, the three boys from St Albans.  I was never really a fan of their biggest hit 'Jump in the Pool' & thought that they only really had an Ellie one hit wonder, which was 'Kiss of Life' (also loved the video for this one).  Therefore imagine my surprise when I heard their new offering...it literally blew me away, goosebumps, shivers, hairs on end...everything!  I feel this is a contender for the soundtrack of the summer & has definitely got me way more excited for seeing them at Benicassim, tan & all.  I will be interested to see what video will no doubt eventually accompany this, but at the moment this is it:

Friendly Fires - "Live Those Days Tonight"

My other selection comes about quite randomly; found this basically unknown DJ from Toronto (home of the amazing MSTRKRFT) called Strava - thank you soundcloud!

Due to him being "unknown" you are able to download his tracks for free and totally legally *yay*.

He has really quite a good few tunes, but my favourite is "Death of Diskotekk"...take a listen, electro really can make you happy...FACT!

Finally my Hott Man of the fortnight; SCOTT DISICK!

I don't care if people think he's an arrogant bastard who has a drink problem & may have cheated on the lovely Kourtney Kardashian.  He is tres hott, self assured, funny & has the best fashion sense ever...(think 80's Miami Vice with English Lord of the Manor)!

Plus any man who can pull off leopard print shoes is A OK with me!

Until next time...


Polyvore Fun...

I've reintroduced myself to Polyvore, after more than a year going by since Ellie introduced me to it & I subsequently didn't get it & forgot it. Seriously underestimated the fun that could be had! No wonder she spent so long on it at work...y'know, instead of actually doing her work...

After becoming an obsessive 90210 fan, I have found a style crush in Ivy (Gillian Zinser). I love her laid back Cali style. Her hair is always perfectly waved & sun bleached & she's got the best body, all matchstick legs & perfectly tanned (not tangoed)! [sigh]

When Ellie came down last week for a cruise in her new convertible, I decided to wear an outfit similar to the one above, minus the Chanel (replaced by my grape coloured Mulberry Margaret bag) & bowler hat (replaced by mère's straw fedora. Turns out mothers are handy sometimes).

I have to say I was a complete neek when Ellie said I was resembling 'that girl from 90210' & I excitedly went "Ivy!?'. I was like, yes! That was so the look I was going for! What can I say, I'm a lovable loser.

Regardless, top of my list of purchases has to be a bowler hat, fo sho! Literally want one sooo bad! Just need to track the perfect one down.

Obviously, once I'm rolling in the big bucks a Rolex Submariner will be sitting neatly at the top of that list. [sigh] One day, one day.


Dîner pour une

Let the healthy eating commence!  Actually ate really well today.  Secretly quite impressed with myself.  Just hoping I can keep it up, y'know, like, forever!  Unlikely, but one can try & damn it, that's what I intend to do!

They say a little bit of what you fancy does you good & it also stops you binge eating out of the madness of being denied it!  So the daily incorporation of chocolate into my diet, is, quite frankly, a must!  I'd like to think it's keeping me on the straight & narrow (I'll ignore those extra biscuits I indulged in yesterday).

Once one has finally obtained a set of scales (sil vous plait mère), I shall be able to see if all my hard (actually is really hard) work has paid off.  The rubbing of one's upper thighs is not something I wanna have to suffer for much longer, believe me!

Keeping me inspired, mère purchased Eat, Pray, Love on DVD & we watched it together ce soir.  I remember going to see it with Kitty Kat last year at the cinema.  Literally days before, I'd decided to pack up & move down here in a bid to radically change my life, along with saving up & pootling off to France for the summer in some bid to find myself. 

I'm pretty sure I cried watching it & I just remember thinking how much it confirmed me wanting to go to France.  Alright, it isn't a year long trip round the world & all that jazz, but it's a start.  Plus, having only really thought of the idea six months ago & having only moved down here three months ago, I don't really have the dollar or the patience to save for an extended period of time now that the idea is in my head.

However, I have come to realise, that what makes me happy is traveling.  Exploring new places, seeing new things, it all excites me to within an inch of myself.  I honestly do want to spend the next six years doing it.  Whether that be a month at a time, or a year at a time.  I'm willing to work hard doing whatever in order to save the cash to go do something...ama-ziiing!

I'm already in a ten day stint at work, averaging about 0-1 day off a week.  It's knackering & the tannage is taking a beating because of it, along with the state of my barnet.  But, it shall be worth it in the end!

Three more months of healthy eating, working hard & maybe throw in a bit of exercise & then it's bon voyage mother fuckers!  Wooop!


Tinie Tempah - Wonderman ft. Ellie Goulding

Things are set to improve...

Today I finally got round to looking at Ellie's itinerary for the French Adventure.  I have made my amendments & am now awaiting her approval.  Once everything has been booked & confirmed I'll be muchos happy & shall finally chillax!  I'll also be able to finally share THE PLAN with you too!  Wooop!
Five weeks baking like a bitch in the sun, is making me go all giddy in the knees.  I'm actually struggling to contain my excitement!

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the current sun exposure I have here & the upcoming gigs I have to look forward to.  Hannah & I are off to see Katy Perry on the 9th of April, where I have VIP tickets at Wembley.  Muchos excitement.  The ex roomie Char will be in attendance too.
Then Ellie & I have tickets to see Uffie in Brighton over the Easter Weekend, when I shall finally be able to drink the devil's juice; COKE!  Wooop!  Recently re-listened to some Uffie tunes & it got me quite excited.

Sir Fleming has just purchased two ticketos to see Tinie Tempah (VIP at Wembley again) in November, for which I am exceptionally excited about!  A very wicked birthday present I dare say!  Tinie's latest track Wonderman is my current obsession.  Literally cannot stop listening to it!  Totally making me want to go out on the razzle dazzle.  [sigh]  I would also like to point out that I love this track despite that girl Goulding being on it.  But y'know, like, whatever...

I have to say, things are currently looking up.  Fingers crossed this happiness is here to stay, along with the sunshine sil vous plait!


Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

So I think I was basically lying to you & myself, when I said I wasn't going to be eating chocolatey goods since breaking Lent. I've been consuming copious amounts on a daily basis & any chance of matchstick legs is slowly dying. Hmph. Well, the heart wants what the heart wants. A triple bypass apparently!

I've been putting in as many hours as possible at work recently, in a last ditch attempt to squirrel away money for France. I have at least chilled out about the whole thing & allowed myself to get uber excited! The thought of sun, exuberant tanning & generally not working for a month is sending me into a tizwaz of giddiness!

The sun has been beaming into the store everyday at work. Honestly, I've been thinking of requesting permission to wear sunglasses, it is so bright & shines directly into my eyes when I'm at the till. Unfortunately, everyone is clearly busy down at the harbour or on the beach to be out shopping, so the store is empty & the day is mundane.

On the upside, the sun has brought out the men shapes! Hooorah! Have spotted a couple of fitty bom bitties dressed rather spiffily in my yocal enviroment. I was actually quite impressed. Perhaps there is a chance for my deserted love life afterall!

Ah, sun & men oggling; life is getting better.


Hot to Trot of the week

This week's Hot to Trot is none other than my American lover Bradley Cooper.  [sigh]  He's currently nursing a broken heart after Renée Zellweger kicked him to the curb (what was she thinking!?).  I have to admit I never really got the connection.  I always thought she actually looked her best in the first Bridget Jones' Diary (look, I've already admitted that this is my secret shame), slightly plump & well rounded.  But she lost so much weight & become all muscly, like Madonna.  Never a good look for a woman.

In any case, I'm hoping Mr Cooper meets someone a little more loving & well suited.  If he fancies a bit of British, well, y'know, I'm always here, quietly sitting on the shelf.  In the mean time, I am desperado to see his new movie Limitless.  Looks so friggin' good!

I wonder if the Vue is doing two for one on Wednesdays still...


Ah mes amis!

Apologies for my absence.  I have been vaguely busy of late, with one thing or another & my ability to create a post has been lacking.

I am however, back & one would hope, better than ever...Although, I am sure, only time will tell.

The sun has finally begun to grace us with its presence, for which I am truly grateful.  Although, the 6:30am wakeup calls every morning, from the sun streaming through my venetian blinds, is somewhat scuppering my chances of a lay in.

This weekend Ellie came down for a visitation, which was rather fabtabulous, as it's probably her first when the sun was actually making an appearance in the area.  We did normal touristy things, like fish & chips down by the harbour, shortly followed by an ice cream & me nearly taking a tumble on the cobbles in my four inch clogs (still hate the word clogs).  Standard really.

We also made an ama-ziiing chocolate tart, courtesy of my most hated of Chefs, Jamie friggin' Oliver.  Eurgh, literally despise him to within an inch of myself.  I'm sorry, but...I do!  Regardless, the recipe looked good & the tart tasted incredible.  Exuberantly chocolatey & packed with so many calories I could literally feel my thighs expanding with every bite!

Talking of thighs, I decided to actually observe Lent this year, as previously mentioned.  I am still Coke free, which feels good.  There have been many tempting & somewhat stressful times when I have been on the verge of giving up, however, I have persevered & not drunk a drop.

I did also attempt to give up chocolate for the duration, however, after nine days I caved in & went to the supermarche to buy a bar.  Rather annoyingly it wasn't as comforting as first thought & I felt a bit gutted that I hadn't been stronger.  But hey ho, bar the aforementioned tart, I am now at least eating it less frequently, which must be good for my waistline, surely!

I haven't dared weigh myself though, especially as to get through my chocolate cravings I consumed copious doughnuts & sticky toffee puddings.  I'm making up for it now though, with a much healthier, fruit & nut packed diet, with just a hint of cocoa on the side.

One can only hope I shall be matchstick thin by the time we go to Europe for the Big European Adventure!  That's if I can get enough money together in time...It's not looking good so far...Hmmm.

To the fridge I go!  A slither of chocolate tart is calling at me, in its attempts to sooth my money woes.


I finally got to watch Remember Me this evening, after the mothership bought it in le supermarche for a fiver (bargain!).  It has literally THE SADDEST ENDING in the history of sad endings.  I was forewarned of a sad ending by Suz, but it was so not what I was expecting.  If I'd been watching it on my own I blato would have balled my eyes out!  Plus RPatz is his naturally dishevelled hawt self in it.  If you haven't seen this movie, run to the nearest video store/supermarche & get it!  Total must-watch!


Joyeux Anniversaire

Today is Ellie's 22nd birthday!  Wooop Wooop!  Unfortunately, as the lamo decaprio I am, I am too impoverished to attend her birthday drinks, in her home town of Brighton.  However, I would like her to know I love her very very very much (in a totally non-lesbianic way) & I know that all my hibernation will be worth it when we're cruising round France & shizzle, this summer.

Hope you have a great day anyway lover & I shall make it up to you très soon!

P.S. Mr Pig sends his love.



Noah & The Whale have a new album out - Last Night On Earth.  Actually sounds pretty decent.  Their sound has clearly evolved.  I saw them play at a Mercury Prize Session at The Hospital Club a few years ago & to be honest they seemed like assholes.  They actually asked the crowd to be quiet!  WTF!?  But, having heard their new album, I can sense I may be drawn in by their new sound, so I'm gonna overlook their shittyness...for now.



Blake lively has been given the key to Chanel by Sir Karl to become the face of the brand.  I say, good choice old boy, good choice indeed.  Blake has long been on the top of my style love list.  Leggy, beautiful & a natural sense of style.  [sigh]  I'm not jealous at all.  Nope.  No.  Not me...

The only thing I will say, is that Blake has the hint of Rachel Evan Wood about her on that side shot, in the first pic.  Agree?


Pig Post

"The look of love, is in your eyes.  A look your heart can't disguise."


Happy Pancake Day
mes amis!

After my initial thought that Pancake Day was last Monday (don't ask me why), I made sure that mother purchased some pre-made crêpes for us to gorge on.  Unfortunately, midway through cooking my second crêpe, it dawned on me I was a tad early on the matter.

So today I made the effort to make some pancakes from scratch.  Four misshapen spoldges later, I have come to the conclusion that Delia Smith lies in her recipes & that shop-bought crêpes are so the way forward!

Lent begins tomorrow!  Not normally a partaker, however, I thought I'd try to comply.  My first idea of attempting to try to give up chocolate for the duration has been thrown out for its sheer lunacy.  As if I could make three days without chocolate, let alone six weeks!  So I have now decided to simply continue with my avoidance of Coke!  Simples.

UPDATE:  So, I still clearly haven't got the hang of this whole thing, as Pancake Day is TODAY!  Seriously, when am I going to remember SHROVE TUESDAY.  TUESDAY damn it!!!  To be honest, I think I'm a bit done with the whole pancake thing now.  But Happy Pancake Day to everyone else who hasn't already been gorging & making themselves feel sick.  Yay!

Jardin intérieur


Hot to Trot of the week

The dashing Andrew Garfield.  [sigh]  Born in Los Angeles to an English mother & an American father, he moved over from LA when he was about three, meaning that we Brits can take a small amount of credit for this handsome fellow.  I enjoyed watching him in Red Riding, the dark TV trilogy & he was great in The Social Network.  He's set to be Peter Parker in the upcoming Spiderman movie.  This will make or break him for me, as I'm not a big Spidey fan.  Either way, he is officially Hot to Trot!

In order to let go, sometimes you need to be pushed

I would like to pride myself on being somewhat of an open book.  I can't do mysterious (why does Mysterious Girl have to start playing in my head!  I ask you!), aloof or nonchalant (clearly).  But y'know what, I'm cool with that.

If I feel or think something, then I have no objections to communicating this, even if it is to a world of strangers.  If no-one ever spoke out about things, then we'd all be silently going mad, jumping to our own conclusions.  Why do you think Google's so frickin' popular!

If there's something you don't want to hear, then simply don't listen.  If there's something you don't want to read, then turn away.  People have a right to communicate.  Freedom of speech & all that jazz.

I don't think it under par to take to the tinternet to express something that, yeah, maybe you do want to tell the world.  Sod the critics!  Life is about everything from pain to love & everything in-between.  If you can't express that, then what's the point.

Friends know you, they know the deal, but sometimes you don't always wish to hear their opinion.  You already know it before you've even asked for it (& most of the time you don't have to, it's dished out for free) & sometimes, you know they're right, but you're happy being wrong...for now.

Sometimes expressing these emotions to the world can be cathartic.  You know, they know, but nobody knows about the space in-between.

Words can affect people, both verbally & written.  They can resonate.  Strangers can find meaning in things that perhaps don't touch others.  Help can be provided where it wasn't necessarily intended.

There's no shame in saying 'I feel rejected', in the same way as saying 'I feel loved'.

At the end of the day folks
express yourself
 'cause ain't no other fucker gonna do it for you!


My current obsession is obtaining an Hermès scarf!  I bought a lil silk number for next to nothing on one of my last trips to Spain & suddenly thought 'I NEED an Hermès scarf!'

my Spanish find

I have since been mildly obsessed with finding one I like & now, I believe I have!


I don't think £260 is an extortionate amount to pay for something that you will keep forever more.  [sigh]

For all those English roses

Oui Je t'aime Aussi has been running since the beginning of December 2010, when in the gap between being unemployed & moving house, town, life, I finally decided to start up a blog once more.  To express to the world my likes & dislikes, a few loves & to generally annoy people, in that way in which I seemingly do.

In these short few months we have gained readers in thirty seven countries all over the world(!) & today marks our 100th post!  Hoooplar!

Although my dreams revolve around the Parisienne world, I am a proud English girl.  We Brits may have an atrocious Government, a dwindling economy & the misfortune to have bred The Chav, but we also have a stunning countryside, old skool manors & some of the best designers the world has to offer.

To show some of this, I provide you with the following examples:

Barbour Ladies Flyweight Tartan Beadnell Jacket

The Barbour jacket.  De rigueur for the quintessential lady of the manor. 

Mulberry Small Clipper

There is nothing that makes me more proud to be british than Mulberry.  Their bags fill my little heart with bubbles of joy & happiness.  I have wanted to purchase a small weekend bag for quite some time & this is my current crush.

Burberry Prorsum Trench Coat

Ah Burberry.  This luxury English fashion house has been creating beautiful designs for over one hundred years.  It has suffered at the hands of chavs in its time, but nothing says classic more than the Burberry Trench Coat.  Lately it's been jazzy jeffed up, with the addition of leather & studded sleeves.  The price tag is a little steep, but I did hear on the grape vine that Topshop are doing a snazzy lil number very similar.

Hunter & Jimmy Choo

Hunter Wellingtons, as favoured by her Majesty the Queen.  These boots really were made for walking & festivals & well, pretty much for everything these days.  The classic boot has had a bit of a revival of late, mostly thanks to Miss Moss wearing a black pair at Glastonbury one year.  I myself favour the classic & original Green, however, my head has been turned by Hunter's recent cosy-up to Jimmy Choo.  Unfortunately I think Ellie got there first.  Damn!

The one & only Mr Darcy: Colin Firth.  Not only has he recently won an Oscar for Best Actor in The Kings Speech, but he's also darn hawt & most importantly grown on British soil, not from import.  I fell in love with him in Bridget Jones' Diary (my secret shame), but it was cemented when I saw him in the stunning film A Single Man.  Truly the most stylish film...EVER!

So you see, despite some of the tosh we have here in Angleterre, you can't really deny the talent & beauty we have too.  Country manors, old English gents with their old English sensibilities, country walks with our dogs & of course, should you head further into the murkiness of the city, you shall be welcomed by all walks of fashion life in good ol' London town.

I would like to thank all visitors to Oui Je t'aime Aussi, without you, I would really just be boring myself!  I greatly appreciate all comments (feedback is always helpful) & anyone that chooses to follow the blog, either with a Google Account or through Bloglovin, as this makes me muchos happy.  [big smile on face]