Quote Of The Day

"I've had it with being nice, understanding, fair & hopeful.  I feel like being negative all day.  The chip on my shoulder could sink the QE2.  I've got an attitude problem & nobody better get in my way...I'm in a bad mood & the whole stupid little world is gonna pay!" - John Waters



An increasingly pregnant Sienna Miller wearing my Topshop block heels on the set of her new movie; A Case Of You In Brooklyn.

I think I like her more now she's sporting a growing bump.  Not gonna lie.

Track Of The Week!

So, I don't know when Santogold became Santigold, but regardless I'm glad she's back.

I remember watching her perform at a festival in Belgium a few years back & being rather mesmerized by her monochrome dancers.  That & being pummeled by the overly enthusiastic crowd who were beside me at the front railing.

I must endeavor to go see her again.


Pig Post!

Mr Piggles sulking after I made him wear his new newspaper bonnet.