Chanel Cruise Collection 2012

Dear old Karl has made himself a lil short film for Chanel's 2012 Cruise Collection.  The film, The Tale of a Fairy, stars a multitude of names, including Amanda Harlech Kristen McMenamy, Bianca Balti, Baptise Giabiconi, Brad Koening, Jake Davies, Mark Vanderloo, Oriol Elcacho, Sebastien Jondeau, Seth Kuhlmann, Anna Mouglalis & Freja Beha as the fairy.  Phew, that is one heavy cast.

Sadly the intensely poor acting skills of most of the cast, Kristen especially, make this on the one hand rather a compulsive watch & on the other, absolutely cringe worthy!  Anna Mouglalis was the only person holding this shiz together, but then, she is an actual actress!

I simply couldn't look away...Perhaps despite the urge to...I have to say though, Baptise Giabiconi...I most definitely would!


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