Vintage Love

Cake anyone?

To the murky depths I go!

I have been exceptionally sickly of late.  My nose has procured its own waterfall, which in any other location would be beautiful, however, it's actually just annoying & kinda gross.  All this temperature raising has lead to sheer laziness, mostly consisting of BBC iPlayer & my big cosy bed!  So, I do apologise if your literature has suffered in my absence!  One shall try one's best to improve the situation!

Now, I may be shouted at by many an individual over what I am about to declare, but I shall go forth & declare it anyway!  I have made the decision that, although a solid man shape packed year has gone by, I can no longer live without The Ex, I wish for him to be Mr Now!

I can't help it, I swear I can't!  Love is an irritating little habit that I simply can't kick, for however hard I try, the itch keeps returning, begging to be scratched.  I've tried blocking him on Facebook.  Deleting his number.  Erasing all of his emails.  But it's simply no good.  I cannot deny how I feel!

So, perhaps in my lunacy, I unblocked him on Facebook & sent him a message.  I didn't quite declare my undying love for him, but I did attempt, in my most non-stalkerish, nonchalant way, to make it clear that feelings were still lingering & my door was firmly open, should he wish to make a visitation, sometime, anytime, now in fact.

Obviously the main hurdle in this predicament is The Replacement.  She is beautiful, but, she kind of reminds me of a cream cake.  All sweetness & light, no real substance.  I've got depth (haven't I?), mainly brought on by my many annoying habits, issues & ailments, but still, surely I'm ever so slightly more exciting on some vague level...Perhaps.

Well, I've given my all, I've laid my cards on the table, said my peace.  If he so chooses to continue in his existence without me by his side, I shall simply have to accept this & move the hell on!  Possibly onto some hawt French men in gay Paris, or some built Americans on vacay in Italy (did I mention we may stop by at the end of our European exchange?).

There are plenty more fish in the sea, it's just annoying when you catch something decent & it slips through your fingers & back into the open water, never to be seen again.

C'est la vie mes amis, c'est la vie!


Pig Post

Mr Piggles having some snuggle time.

Celebs I hate to love & love to hate

This week's: Everybody's favourite, Ellie Goulding!

I know she's everyone's flavour of the month, but sorry, I cannot bare her!!!  I love her hair, I love her music, but her as an individual...There's just something about her that riles me!  Plus I don't rate her fashion choices.  Sorry.

Hot to Trot of the week

This week's Hot to Trot award goes to Tinie Tempah.

He produces sooo many good tracks & is dayumn fine to boot!  Plus I love his RayBan geek chic glasses!

I've loved him for a while, but I recently saw him on the Graham Norton show & he was très funny & very normal!  Plus he's a year younger than me, toyboy anyone!?

Very much looking forward to seeing him perform at Benicàssim in July!

Oh Tinie, let me be your Mrs Tempah.



Look who's set to make a comeback!  It's only Keavy & Adele Lynch from B*Witched!  The random thing about their comeback is I was just thinking of them the other day.  Don't ask me why, they just popped into my head, in that way in which things do.  I'm secretly quite liking their new track Body Rock. Is this a shameful crush?  Most probably.


Oui Je t'aime Aussi is now being read in 22 countries worldwide!!!  This brings me muchos merriment.  So I thought it would be nice to say hello to everyone in a language they might just understand...


to you all!

Loving the Chanel haute couture show Karl, job well done!
(P.S. I'd like to point out that Chanel is giving grey hair the seal of approval.)

Public Service Announcement!

Sacre bleu!  I've only gone & fixed my commenting problem!

Hooooplaaaar!  Let the commenting commence!

After six long hours in the hair salon, my barnet is finally GREY!

Now, there are two things to remember here, before the thoughts & any obligatory comments kick in.

1.  I did not ever say it was going to be as dark as the paint on my wall.  I had an Ellie Goulding grey in mind.
2.  They said they can darken it & make it more grey if I want.  However, after six hours, I was ready to go home & snack on high sugar, high calorie produce!

So stop your bitchin', I know what you're like!


Isn't John Galliano a funny little man.  However funny though, he is exceptionally talented & has done an outstanding job for Christian Dior's haute couture show.

Tomorrow I will be officially going GREY!
So take one last look at this blonde barnet & say au revoir!

Pig Post

Mr Piggles learns to take his own pictures...

My new love

After visiting cornflake dreams, they have pushed me in the direction of The Vamoose, a website selling handmade jewellery. 

The company is run by Kathryn Blackmore who designs & makes everything in the UK.  Their pieces are inspired by natural history, a growing collection of vintage finds & an exploration of traditional crafts with modern influences.

cornflake dreams are currently giving away a piece of jewellery from The Vamoose range to one lucky person.  I would like to apply, however, my inability to comment on things is somewhat spoiling this opportunity!  Dayumn!

However, I am now in love with this citrine drop necklace!  Apparently citrine is supposed to be a success stone bringing you prosperity.  I'm thinking I need this in my life!  Plus it's only £29.00.

The Vamoose also have a really good blog, which I shall be following from now on!  Check it out!

Hot to Trot of the week

Ah Joaquin, let me count the ways in which I love thee.

The brooding good looks.  The slight asshole tendencies, making you a fiendishly hot bad boy.  The incredible acting ability, whereby you show your versatility & believability.

We'll blush over the weird beard stage, when you were attempting to make a mockumentary about becoming a rap star & focus on your recent shave & good suit.

I am truly honoured to announce you our Hot to Trot of the week!  I can sense your pride & gratefulness from here!

Bluebird has flown the coop!

So, after investing some time & effort, the man shape I met upon venturing out to my yocal with Ellie, is now in a relationship...Just not with me!  I feel discarded like a cheap biscotti!  Clearly I wasn't worth the effort after all.

The identity of the victor has not been revealed, but I have my suspicions.  If I am correct in my thinking, I would like to know why these men keep choosing girls with hideously cheap names!?  I would like to think a name is not just a name, it's a good sign of intention.

One does try not to care, however, the obvious feelings of concern do creep in; Is there something wrong with me?  Will I always be alone?  Am I a freak?  Y'know, the usual.  I guess hand on heart I would quite like a man shape in my life, but normally once I procure one, I shortly come to realise that actually, I didn't want one after all.

Or perhaps it is simply the case that I didn't pick the right one in the first place.  But it's hard to know who's going to be right, when you're attracted to...well...pretty much anyone with a package & a pulse!  I have at least come to realise that, unless I wish to rip their clothes off upon sight, it's probably not gonna work out.

Unfortunately, this rule of thumb has still come undone in the past, but I do think that a relationship stands much more of a chance by sticking to it in the first place!

Helping me get over my dating disaster, my good friend Peter came for a visitation & whisked me off for an emergency Nando's!  I've never seen it so busy!  I honestly didn't think that many people existed in my vicinity!  Could the unemployment rate be so low that, sacre bleu, people are actually at work during the day when I normally am out!?

I would like to point out that a considerable amount of those diners were really dressed up.  Therefore they either hit up Nando's before a night out (standard), or Nando's is their equivalent of a night out.  I'm undecided, more research required!

Aside from my Nando's obsession, Peter did manage to inspire me in regards to work, (which I am desperately in need of), so I have now applied for several jobs, but one in particular.  I am keeping my cards most firmly to my chest, just in case I am rejected like a sugary snack all over again!

But do wish me bonne chance sil vous plait!  Merci!


Marie Caro, the mother of Isabelle Caro, the anorexic model, who died on the 17th of November 2010, has committed suicide over the guilt of her daughter's death!  Double the sadness.  As much as we want the perfect bikini body, let's try not to let it get out of hand!  So please, remember to...E.A.T.!!!

Pig Post

Mr Piggles having a bit of sofa time.


Popped into Waterstones today in search of a new diary for 2011, (writing one's schedule down on scrap bits of paper does not appear to work), & was actually surprised as to how good their playlist was!  Most importantly, they played a bit of Vampire Weekend, which reminded me how good they are & so they have returned to my driving playlist!  Thinking it might be time to invest in their last album, Contra, as I'm still clinging to the first.  Although, by the time I do, they'll have released a new one!  Far too slow on the get go clearly!

Aside from Water for Elephants, I am also desperate to see Black Swan.  It looks pretty ama-ziiing, not gonna lie.  Although, this will simply make me want to return to ballet, as even the adverts send me pirouetting into the next room!
Still on the look out for a cinema buddy...

Celebs I hate to love & love to hate!

This week's: Frankie Sandford from the Saturdays!

I really don't want to like her, but girlfriend's been upping her fashion game of late & I can't help but feel enviable!!!  Pretty, skinny, tanned & well dressed.  Bitch!  Plus, I reeeally want her Prada bag!


Reeeally want to see this film!!!  Ah Robert Pattinson.  [swoon]
Now, just to find a cinema buddy...

Grey times

After months of putting it off, I have finally managed to update my CV, which has not seen the light of day for well over three years!  It was tough, not gonna lie, but I pulled through & now have a decent résumé to present to the world.

I thought that would be the hardest part, but actually finding jobs seems to be harder!  [humph]  Just as you get over one hurdle, you are faced with another one, seemingly higher.  Dayumn!

My long awaited Topshop purchases have had to be put on hold [small tears], as an evil little stone decided to throw itself at my windscreen on my way to work the other day & create a chip.  This seemingly innocent but equally annoying chip then grew to a massive crack & I am now required to have my car windscreen replaced!  This is now taking nearly half my shopping budget!  Grrr!

In the meantime, I finally found an ama-ziiing salon in town & went in for a consultation.  Appointment now booked for next week!  Muchos excitement afoot!  I shall finally be as grey as an old laydee!  However, the cost of this transformation is ALL of the money I have left!  Leaving me nothing for my much needed clothes!

I'm now going to be impoverished for the next few weeks (months, years), but at least I can take comfort in my mane.  [sniff sniff]

Along with shelling out for a new car windscreen, I am now prepping myself to send off my shattered iPhone.  The thought of being without it for weeks is rather alarming.  No Facebook, no Twitter...not even email!  I'll be going back to basics.  It's a harsh reality.

On a happier note, my fleshy bits are now a few shades darker, thanks to my recent purchase of Garnier's Skin Naturals Summer Body Moisturising Lotion.  Literally tanned up within an hour of its application & I smell fruity fresh.  Oooh yeah!

Bring on the sunshine bitches!

Sandra Bullock, pictured here at the Golden Globes, dressed in Jenny Packham & sporting a rather Lily Allen esque hair 'do, has been denying any romance between herself & Ryan Reynolds...Man, that would be a cute couple!  I hope it's secretly true!!!

Golden Globes standout frocks!

Mad Men actress January Jones in Versace.  Love this dress!

Rumer Willis in Badgley Mischka.  Nice dress, shame about the boat race!


2010 in pictures...

the first Pimms of the Summer...

followed by many more

perfecting the art of baking

the obsession of the Summer...Kopparberg

looking like a tourist in Barcelona

late August spent chillaxing in the Spanish mountains

well, you can't deny a Nando's

cocktails & tempura (Lava Bar, we miss you)

the everyday strive to diet...

and the obligatory fail

 discovering that fireworks are the boomting

Christmas, the finale to it all