After re-listening to one of her albums, I have come to the conclusion that I am still whole heartedly in love with Feist (real name Leslie Feist)!  I saw her with The Ex a year or two ago, at the Royal Albert Hall & she was amazing!

Her third album, The Reminder, is my favourite album of all time & Sorry is my tip top favourite song ever, especially with lyrics like "I'm sorry, two words I always think, after you've gone, when I realise I was acting all wrong.  So selfish, two words that could describe, oh actions of mine, when patience is in short supply".  It brings back some fond memories, as well as some bad, but is most definitely timeless & somewhat mesmerising.

I'm still waiting on her fourth album, however, she has yet to release it here in the UK (she's Canadian), which is a bummer.  May have to do some research into locating & purchasing it.  If you're thinking to yourself, 'I haven't a scooby doo who Feist is', I shall have to remind you of the Apple iPod Nano advert a few years back.

  Ringing any memories?

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