And so, it all began...

You'd think with constant Facebook & Twitter updates, there would be nothing left to say, but with only 140 characters how can there not be more to life!?

I've finally made it out of the burrow & back to the nest & sacre bleu, the tree has been erected!  It looks magnifique!  I have to say that Christmas really is my favourite time of the year!  I am exceptionally sad though that I have not made it back to Paris this year, I was hoping to hit up the Christmas markets!  But alas, time & money have restricted me.  I shouldn't complain, considering I shall be spending over a month in France next Summer!  Ah, I cannot wait, although, summer seems like a lifetime away at the moment.

The current snowy conditions have restricted my move to the mothership, meaning more time away from Piggles!  It feels as though forever has passed since I last set eyes on his silly little pug face.  I shall very much look forward to snuggles on the sofa with him in his Mulberry jumper.  Which reminds me, mère called to confirm the arrival of Mr Piggles' exclusive stamps!!!  I have witnessed the pictures & they look amazing!  I am très excited!  Nothing says Christmas more than stamps of your dog!  Especially when his head is adorned with antlers!  Ah, the swell of pride in my tiny frosty little heart!  It's a wonder why people choose to reproduce when you can receive so much more happiness & joy from a little tiny furry creature!

On a different note, I have received shocking news (& when I say receive, I actually mean I saw via Facebook stalking perusing, although, in my defense, it appeared on my homepage), SB has finally nabbed himself a girlfriend!  Over three years & he finally decides to make it official with someone.  Has it really come to the point where I must actually let go!?  I mean, he was kinda always my reserve, like when he was ready I'd be there, but now, someone new has stolen his little creamy heart of gold & it must be serious if he's Facebook confirmed!  [sigh]  Another person to let go of...

This moving on thing is actually really bloody hard & exceptionally annoying.  Facebook doesn't help, I mean, even when you block someone it's pointless, 'cause you just get desperate & unblock them!  Look at the Gimp situation!  Although, thankfully I have moved on to a great degree on that front.  Good progress.  [patting oneself on the back]  Having said this, as you finally take steps to move on from one person, you desperately cling to another, like a life support jacket.  I guess there's always that fear of being alone, completely alone.  But maybe that's what I need.  I've spent so much time trying to distract myself with the help of other people, I've never really dealt with anything!  Maybe I really do need to be alone, to rest & recuperate & remember that I was once a nice girl, not the cold frosty broken one I seem to have grown into.

On a lighter note, I would like to re-iterate how intensely excited I am about Christmas, especially as Kitty Kat reminded me it is only two & a half weeks away!!!  I have made the decision, due to poverty & such, to not do gifts this year!  I have said every year that I wont do gifts & finally this year I have gone through with it!  Yes, I do accept that I shall wake to an empty tree, but Christmas is about more than gifts, especially when they turn out to be things you don't really want!  It's about the general feel of the season, the excitement, even if you know the big man no longer works the route, it's the food, the snuggling, the movies, ohhh, the Christmas movies!!!  How can you care about the gifts when you get all that!  It's about more than just one day, it's about the months of excitement beforehand, thinking how it's coming up & then all the buildup of December!  "It's the most wonderful time, yes the most wonderful time of the year!"

Think it's time for a bit of Sinatra's Christmas Carols, don't you?

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