Animal Magnetism

Ah mes amis, I have returned from my trip to Brighton & it could not have been more amazing!

Firstly & most importantly, Eleanor & I popped over to our favourite establishment The Gun, in Findon, to sample the first Pimms of the summer!  'Ah sweet Pimms, how I have missed you, longed for you...'

One Pimms rolled into another & then another & before you know it, we had crashed a wake & were giving out fashion advice to every man within the vicinity!

On the way home we checked into another local public house & had ourselves a lock-in with the men shapes inhabiting it.  This is when the Pimms factor got OTT & the (seemingly quite tasty) strawberry tequila shots made an appearance.

The next morning I was a little worse for wear.  Although, considering I haven't drunk a drop of liquor in months, it wasn't as horrendous as I was expecting.  However, the mere thought of tequila, or any other substance for that matter, being congested Friday night was sick inducing.  So Ellie & I decided upon a night of sobriety for our appearance with Uffie.

Concorde 2 was as ever an empty shell of a venue.  Seriously, these peeps get the best talent & have a really good venue with FREE parking outside & yet their advertising is appalling & they consistently fail to deliver a crowd.  SO disappointing for the artists!

Regardless, it was still an amazing evening!  Firstly, whilst waiting for the lady herself to take to the stage, a new form of incredible musical talent appeared & wowed us into submission!  Seriously, these guys are ama-ziiing!  They're called Tiger Love & they're a three (man shape) piece with a hint of French girl (in red leotard) cool.  The music is electro beats mixed with catchy tracks & infectious lyrics, reminiscent of a young MGMT.

We nabbed the lead singer, Roy Ben Artzi, for a chit chat after the set & I am officially IN LOVE!  His accent is très particulière!  I asked him where he was from & apparently he's originally from New York (immediate kudos), moved to France (be still my beating heart) & now resides in London.  So his accent is this strange mix of European with an American twang.  Makes me go all giddy.  Of course, all this sweet talk is only aided by his stage presence (not the first artist I've melted over), piercing brown eyes & mop of curly black locks.  [sigh]

He also informed us that the group have only been together for six months & that it was only their fourth performance!!!  I was amazed considering how great they were!  I swear down, I would totally have paid to see them & should they get signed, I totally will to see them again!

When we met up with them again after Uffie's performance (more of that in a second), the whole group were at a loss as to what to do.  Ellie suggested a few places, but due to the time, everywhere was gonna be booting people out rather shortly.  They asked where we were off to & I felt a little crushed inside when I had to admit home, as I had to drive the two hours back for work in the morning.  Sad sad times.  [small tears]

Bar the man crush, when Uffie did take to the stage, the crowd went mental & due to my proximity to the barriers, I was consistently threatened by some big burly bald bloke (most random Uffie fan in the world, surely!?), who enjoyed nothing more than a bit of moshing in my direction.  I think I would have been dead to the world if his big ol' noggin had whacked me in the face.  Bloody bastard!

Midway through her set, Uffie demanded that the whole of the front row leap over the barriers & take to the stage, or she wouldn't sing the next song.  'Well, Uffie darling, you don't have to tell me twice!' Ellie & I hoisted ourselves, heels & all, onto the small stage area & busted a move or two to Uffie's Pop The Glock, which she sang literally in front of us!

There was the distinct impulse to hug her, but I relented.  Don't want her remembering me as a freaky stalker fan...

Overall my respect & love for Uffie, to which I have Ellie to thank for introducing me to her incredible musik, has grown ten folds.  I am also so happy happy happy to have found my new love & total man crush Tiger Love.  For whom I shall now be stalking, in the hope to a) get them signed & b) see them again!

"Ellie, I take back what I said.  I would rather be blind than deaf!"


  1. I was at this gig and it was probably one of the best i've ever been to. LOVE Uffie to bits (and i agree on pretty much everything you said, so badly advertised) but in someways that made it good for the big fans like us as it made it such an intimate gig. I'm not sure if you remember me but me and my friend got on stage aswell, she grabbed the microphone and shouted uffie is fucking awesome down it?! haha, we were standing next to some guys who had flown from norway for the day just to see her. I was just wondering if you had any more pictures/videos from her set as i have none :( and i would really love to see some more. i seem to remember tiger love playing this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTWhTkoeDQs …now ive listened to it back i really like it. anyway, thank you for a nice read, so glad i've finally found someone else who was there! where abouts did you travel from?

  2. OMG, that's amazing! How ever did you find my blog!?

    I've been to Concorde2 only once before, to see Kissy Sell Out with Ellie & we had a massive go at the management because they stated on their website that you got all this FREE shizzle & there was gonna be all this extra stuff. But when we got there, there was NOTHING & they tried to say it was just a clerical error! Thankfully Ellie is a blagger & we got staff discount on drinks all night, but it left me with a poor opinion of them fo sho!

    I think I may remember you, but I couldn't be 100%. I remember the big burly blog & some young guys (who could be your Norwegians). I've got some more pics, but they're a bit blury. I'll email them to you, just in case they're any good. Ellie took a video, but I've not seen it.

    Tiger Love are my new love affair. I'm slightly obsessed, predominantly with the track Pussy Cocaine.

    Still can't believe you found me! I'm glad you like the read-up. Ellie lives near Brighton & that's where we were staying, but I live further east past Canterbury...& had work the next morning! [yawn] Where did you travel from?

  3. I found you when i went on Tiger Love's facebook page… i think you left a link to your blog there and was honestly really surprised after reading a few more pages how much random stuff we have in common! -not to sound like a creep or anything! but i really do have a bit of an obsession with france and all things french too, mac makeup, quirky music taste and uffie of course :) i saw your post about your trip to france and i'm not gonna lie i am jealous! i'm doing some work exp in paris next month though which i am quite excited about.
    And concorde 2 - that's kinda rubbish what happened to you at kissy, i've normally had really good experiences at concorde though as i've been going there for ages to numerous gigs since i was 14 ish, but basically i didnt have tickets for uffie on friday as it was classed as an over 18's night and i didn't wanna waste my money and not get in. but we were in town (i live about 15 minutes outside of brighton) so popped down to see if we could meet uffie outside the venue instead of going in, and in the end decided to try our luck on the door and got in :) good on you for coming from canterbury though.. definitely worth while i'm sure! I would like to say i remember all of the night but those norwegian guys had bought us so many vodkaredbulls i was kinda off it! though obviously i won't forget the brilliant moment on stage…

    -Natalie (i don't have any of those account things hence why i keep going as anonymous haha)

  4. Oh how funny, guess it is worthwhile to post links after all. Wait, wait, wait, you have work experience in Paris!!! I am the jealous one! What will you be doing?! That's good that you got in. They asked Ellie & I for ID & she didn't have her driver's license but thankfully they let us in. I'm actually two whole hours away from Brighton, so I'd like to say that's dedication! I'm glad you got the pics okay. :)

  5. Oh really? haha i was surprised cos we don't look that old but hey hoo it always feels good when you can get served at 17 :)
    I'm working in an art shop in central paris called la palette du faubourg, but it's gonna be quite daunting as my french isn't amazing and i'm not gonna know anyone… but obviously i'm still excited to be in paris on my own and explore and stuff.
    And yeah 2 hours is definitely, especially driving back must of been knackering!
    Oh yes thank you again - loving the pics, might have to get a few on facebook now wooo ! :)


    & p.s. yeah definitely keep linking - i wouldn't of found your blog otherwise so i'm sure loads more people will with more :D

  6. I am SOOO jealous right now! How on Earth did you get this work experience? I am desperado to move out there, but I haven't a clue where to start. Hence why a month long trip is in order to explore my options & NETWORK! lol Thank you, I will, hopefully up my followers too...NEED MORE FOLLOWERS! :D x

  7. It was basically a business connection through a relative so I guess it was very lucky - But i'm sure if you hunt around enough there will be loads of places to get some work exp depending on what you want to do - i dont have a clue what i wanna be when i'm older but i'll happily go to Paris :)
    Still i would much rather do a month long trip like yours, sounds like it will be incredible! For the past 3 years i've done an exchange to a place on the west coast in vendee, one of which was probably the best week of my life, so i definitely want to go back there this summer. are you visiting anywhere around there? And are you travelling it all by car then?


  8. Very lucky & I am very jel! You should save up & do a trip too! Although I shall pre-warn you that sacrifices will be made...such as social lives! :S Ellie will be driving us around in her new Mini convertible. I would not wanna risk it for a biscuit, as I've had enough trouble driving on the left side of the road, without confusing me with the right!

    This is our itinerary: http://ouijetaimeaussi.blogspot.com/2011/03/big-adventure.html