Coastal blues

Moving from a reasonably sized town, with close connections to the city, to the South East coast, is a bit like moving from New York to Alabama!  I'm like a Caribbean Reef Shark, whose been caught & is now being forced to live inside the confines of an incredibly small goldfish bowl!

London is now a two hour train ride away & everything here seems so backwards in coming forwards.  Perhaps I've fallen into some kind of black hole, whereby no one knows the meaning of fashion designers or decent eateries.  I'm just keeping France in mind, 'France, France, France'.  Maybe if I repeat it enough, I won't go insane & forget what Urban Outfitters is!

In fairness, once the morbid weather improves & the house &, most importantly, my bedroom are finished, I may begin to feel a wee bit more settled & a lot more content.  Packing boxes don't really create a relaxed atmosphere!

Helping me through, as always, is mère & Mr Piggles.  I don't think you can fully appreciate a parent more than when you're down to just one.  'Cause y'know, then you're in the vulnerable position, like if they die, you'll officially be an orphan, not just a semi-orphan!  Now that is some hardcore scare tactic for keeping in touch, if ever I saw one!

Mr Piggles & I had some lovely snuggles last night, but unfortunately, he appears less than chipper today.  (No, he did not catch cooties off me, thank you!)  Thinking it might be time to find him a new coastal vet & take him for an MOT.

To save me from this madness, I have at least discovered that men do actually exist in this area of the world!  In fact, during my Chinese this evening, it appeared as though the entire male population of Canterbury decided they too fancied a spring roll.  I would like to say they were all top dollar, however, due to my severe blindness (& refusal to wear my glasses), their possibly gorgeous faces were all just a blur to me.  They were definitely men though, glasses or no glasses, I can sense that much testosterone several miles away...& I liked it!

Has the time come when, once again, I start to feel that silly pull of loneliness, which only drives me to date impractical men & then discover that, actually, "I think I'm better on my own"?  Perhaps, just need to actually meet someone now!

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