Quote Of The Day

"All the world's a stage & all the men & woman merely players.  They have their exits & their entrances & one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages."  William Shakespeare.


  1. I absolutely love this quote! As you know, I am an English freak. So, I love Shakespeare. I find the way he manipulates language to be so beautiful, and his metaphors are so poignant. Sorry if that sounded like a whole load of gobbulty-gook! But I love Shakespeare and all of his works. This quotes is one of my favourites by him, as it really makes me think. And I am a massive thinker. He portrays life through what he does for a living. I could yammer on for hours about this quote, honestly!

    Lots of love, Etienne xxx

  2. Aw, well I am glad that I have pleased you with my choice. I have a love affair with poetry, it must be said. It is always good to have appreciation for language, whichever form it comes in; English, French, Italian. I love them all! x