Celebs I hate to love & love to hate!

This week's beast of society: Audrina Patridge!

I was so not feeling her existence in The Hills, ol' Ceiling Eyes.  [chuckling]
However, girlfriend has the most ama-ziiing body!  Of which I am truly jealous!

Obvs her boobies are as fake as her tannage, but she has an ama-ziiing figure, which cannot be denied!  This is what I need to look like when I hit up Europe...In a few short weeks...[looks at porky muffin top]  Think I may be kidding myself.  [begins to sob uncontrollably]


  1. ha! my friend calls her 'ceiling eyes' because she always seems like she is looking up at the ceiling. ahh well. youre right tho. if i could trade bodies- esp that stomach area. dang.

  2. She has a craZy nice body! I'm sure it wasn't that good before! Or maybe I was hatin' on her too much to notice. Hmmm. x

  3. DISLIKE! way to skeletal YUCK! do miss 'The Hills' though xo

  4. No way Jose! We say we like lean & mean! :D I'm over The Hills, it was always The City pour moi! Whitney Port. [sigh] x