Credit where credit's due...

Before I get lambasted again, I want to post a piece on this punk ass bitch, Ellie Dunn.  Without her my musikal knowledge wouldn't be as broad as it is & my life wouldn't be as colourful.  I remember the days when we were drinking working in LA & she brought to my attention, both the hawtness & the talent of an as yet unknown Calvin Harris, who we later stalked around London.

Without her I wouldn't have the kick ass beats of Uffie & would never have inadvertently found the talents of Tiger Love & met the man crush (although, that might have been for the best).  Even Yummy Bingham's Come Get It On would have been lost!

Without Miss Dunn I wouldn't be looking forward to sunning myself on the beach (in a top secret location) listening to the likes of Breakbot spinning some wayward tracks.  Hell, I wouldn't even know who Breakbot was!

So Eleanor Dunn, I just wanted to say, I appreciate your cranked out craZiness in my life.  The musik you bring to me is always greatly appreciated, even if I do turn my nose up at it first time round...This is me giving you full kudos!  Suck it up bitch!



  1. Wow she sounds INCREDIBLE!!!! I wish she was my friend :-(

  2. Maybe I'll let you borrow here from time to time. :) x