So I'm basically gonna be hysterical when I come back home to the UK in August, more so than when Lindasnity found out she'd be doing time!

Not that the bitch ever did any, unless you count those five minutes she made an appearance.  Pffft.

When I went to Pukkelpop for the first time, I had the most AMA-ZIIING time ever & I have never experienced anything as ama-ziiing since.  When I came home from Belgium, I was literally beside myself. I didn't wash for three days & I was caked in dirt.  I just didn't want to wash off the good times.  When I did, I was even more hysterical!  That was only a five day experience!  I may be comatose for months after La Grande Aventure!

There are now only THREE days to go & although I am 99.9% prepped, I am starting to get butterflies in my stomach.  Eeek!  The excitement is intense & somewhat overwhelming!

My main aims whilst away are: Get so tanned people mistake me for Kanye's sister.  Do ABSOLUTELY anything & everything!  The word NO is not in our vocabulary, along with MAYBE.  Pffft, what a half ass word.  Finally & most importantly, find some way, no matter what, to NOT come back!  Pimping ourselves out is considered an option.  Jokes...

All of these three things are equally very important to us both I feel.

So frickin' exciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiited!


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