Hot to Trot of the week

So I have basically come to the conclusion that Ashton Kutcher is almost definitely one of my biggest crushes, like, EVER!

I was watching A Lot Like Love again the other day.  I heart that movie, I heart it a lot.  It made me fall for Kutcher all over again.  [sigh]

I still don't fully understand his whole Demi love affair.  She's fifteen years his senior & has three children. Fair play the woman looks dayumn hawt for her age, but let's face it, I think she had the entirety of her skin pulled from her toes up & stapled behind her ears in order to look it!

Oh Ashton...Anytime, anytime.  I'll even glance over the fact you're Roman Catholic & not a good Jew boy.  [ah the Jew boy, sigh]

"I'm gonna marry Ashton Kutcher & give him a haircut."

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