Love Affair

I'm trying to learn sign language, it is sooo hard!  More so than perhaps I first thought.






  1. How many takes on photobooth did it take you this time, to look good in these four? A few im guessing ;-)... Guess who X

  2. That's so funny it made me giggle. I actually got it pegged first time...but it took a few uploads to realise I needed to reverse the picks or I was just gonna be signing backwards! Hey I learnt a-z & 1-10 in like an hour! I'm a wiz kid at this shiz! Haha. x

  3. I hope theres no sarcasm in there! you best of giggled... haha, so it wound of been XILA(sounds like Cruela) someone guard Winston before he becomes a garmet! ;-) Ok you are a wiz kid agreed, but shouldnt you be touching up on your French? unless you're planning on pulling a hot french deaf guy. X

  4. I did, I did! Aw, a hawt French deaf guy, how cute would that be!!! Although, half, if not most, of the allure is of course the accent...Wouldn't be quite so good if he couldn't actually speak...well, properly anyway. I guess deaf people wouldn't even accrue an accent! Oh no, how dull. Maybe I'll go brush up on my French now... x