Girl Crush

So there I am sifting through July's issue of Vogue (the cover of which I detest) & I come across an article on Vera Wang.  After a thorough read, I now definitely have a girl crush on her!

First of all, girlfriend looks AMA-ZIIING for her sixty one years!!!  I have told mère that Vera should be her new role model.  Haha.  Mère looks at least ten years younger than her years.  If she actually donned some light makeup now & then, I recon she could look even younger!  Not that there's anything wrong with the natural look...

I also never knew that Vera was a figure-skater & even competed in the US figure-skating championships in 1968!  I wish I could figure-skate, but alas I am useless at such things.  I once rollerbladed down the stairs backwards & that was wearing the old skool four wheeled versions, not inlines!

I love that she is a junk food lover too.  Makes me feel better for my evil food habits.  I also love the fact that she once went on an ice-cream-cake diet for FOUR months!  So funny.  I think I could probably work that kind of diet...I don't think I'd lose any weight though.

Obviously Vera's designs are exceptional & she is incredibly talented & hardworking.  Overall, I think she is well deserved of my crushing.

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