Weird Couple Alert

This couple is what Weird Couple Alert was made for...

Rachel McAdams & Michael Sheen.

On the one hand you have the incredibly gorgeous & talented Rachel & on the other, you have the slightly dishevelled looking, rather unattractive looking Michael.


First of all, he's Welsh, secondly he's ten years older than her & thirdly he has a child...with Kate Beckinsale, who let's face it, isn't a bad looking woman.  How does he do it!?  Dude is fugs!


  1. WEIRD> LOVE her. never heard of him. she needs to get back with the guy from the notebook. hot. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. He's an English actor. I don't rate him. If I was given the choice of Ryan Gosling & Michael Sheen...I'd defo choose the hot one! Common sense surely!? x