Love Affair

My Love Affair is once again with sleep.  My insomnia has continued, with my bedtimes being set at 2/3am.  Combined with working six days a week, I am now somewhat drained.  Booo.  What I presumed (& was rather hoping) was hayfever, is now looking a lil more like a cold.  Again, booo!

I finished work early today though.  Had a Maccy D's (not exactly working the bikini diet), did some gardening (yeah, I do garden, that's just how I roll these days kids), went to re-read The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets (the best book ever written) & essentially passed out.  Woke up four hours later.

I hate naps though, because I always end up feeling really groggy & disorientated afterwards.  Whatever happened to the power nap!?  I don't feel very charged, I just feel tired still!  What's up with that!?

Also on jardin news; I previously mentioned the fact that I thought my French Bean plants had somehow cross pollinated & become Mangetout plants...Well, I was wrong.  It it neither, it turns out I planted Peas.  I am a dumb arse!  There's me picking my Peas off & throwing them in my salad!  Mangetout & Peas do look oddly similar before being shelled though...

It's a shame I have only worked this out today (after mère pointed it out), as the bastard snails have now ravaged the plant completely.  I have been kind though, I've given them FREE flying lessons.

Away from le jardin, I can OFFICIALLY say, that Eleanor & I shall be setting off on our travels...NEXT WEEK!!! OMG!  You will no longer have to read about my inability to sleep (well, actually, the excitement of it all may mean my insomnia comes with me), my excessive love of musik, or what's growing in le jardin...I shall actually be able to write about something très intéressant!!!  Oooh & I shall make sure to take as many snaps as humanly possible!  Especially of hawt French men!

If I do find a hawt French man, I may not return.  I shall simply elope.  Oooh to elope!  [swooon]  Although, if I find an equally hawt Spanish male model, I may return, but with him in tow.  Either way, I shall endeavour to have some form of a foreign romance.  For life without love is simply not worth living...

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