Visitation Rights

My dear friend Lucy came down for a visit today, as my 'Nando's Leaving The Country For A While Do' got canceled on Saturday.  We went into the old part of town (the only part of town one should ever venture into), had lunch at The Greedy Cow, spied on the cupcakes at The Cupcake Cafe & mooched around the various vintage shops.

In fact the old part of town has a multitude of vintage shops!  We went into one which had a vintage YSL mac, it was only £12!  But it wasn't the nicest & had a mark on it, so I passed.  But the other place on the corner I love, had some really nice pieces, but alas, I have no dollar to spend on such frivolities.

We also ventured to the Turner Gallery.  I went for the first time on Friday with my friend Jason, who also came for a visit last week.  Heck might as well go as many times as possible as it's FREE!

I didn't take any snaps the first time, as I wasn't sure if I was allowed to.  Didn't want to be uncouth.  But Lucy checked & apparently it is perfectly acceptable. 

Thankfully, unlike Friday, the weather held up today.  It was lovingly sunny & warm & the smell of seaweed was high in the air!

Overall a really lovely day.
Thank you Lady Rawlinson for your visit.
Mr Piggles misses you already.