La Grande Aventure

Bonsoir mes amis! Ellie et moi are in gay Paris Paris! Sweating like a pair of P.I.G.S!!! It's like forty degrees here! We have definitely been working on our tannage! Although my leather shorts have left me with a shorty tan line! Doh!

No macaroons thus far, however we have sunbathed in le jardin next to the Tour De Eiffel. Met a few hawt French men. Met rugby star Serge Betson. Bought up a shit load of fromage at an amazing food market. In fact, we have essentially been living off fromage, pain et aioli! Oh & really tasty cured meat too!

I am currently unable to upload any pics at the moment, due to internet gayness (just about posting this on the hotel's FREE wifi, which keeps logging out! Grrr!).

We may attempt to hit up Laduree tomorrow, for a macaroon breakfast. After which we may pop to the outdoor swimming pool, one of our French amis told us about, for a little cooling dip.

Until then mes amis!

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