Love Affair

Sooo basically I have had THE best news, like...EVER!  My Official Musik Editor; Eleanor Dunn, called me to break the news that A-Trak will be performing in Cannes the one & only night we are there!!!


He is performing at a 6 day festival called Les Plages Electroniques Festival, which is spread out over two months: 6th, 13th & 20th of July & the 3rd, 17th & 18th of August.  Bit random, but hey.  It looks pretty frickin' awesome, not gonna lie!  Plus it was CRAZY cheap too, €8!!!  In fact, it's only €31.80 for all six days!  O. M. to the G!

As I am head over heels in love with David Macklovitch, I have come to the conclusion that it would be inappropriate to be crushing on his brother.  Therefore, Eleanor & I have agreed that she shall of course marry her one true love A-Trak & I shall marry David.  I think this is fair.  Now, just need to have a word with the boys...Y'know, let them know of this arrangement...

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