War Paint

My MAC foundation completely ran out this morning & there is not a chance in hell I would turn up in Paris without my face on!  Oh hell to the no!  So obvs I ordered an emergency re-stock (yes, on the credit card.  Shhh).  I chose to get a slightly darker shade, as I figure I will be tanned muchos soon!

I paid extra to get it delivered specifically on this day & mère stayed in ALL day for me, as you need to sign for it.  What time did it turn up?  Eight frickin' PM!  Pffft!

I decided to get a new blusher too, as I ran out a few months ago, after I drunkardly dropped my BRAND NEW one onto the floor & lost half of it!  Grrr!  I originally had Dainty from the Mineralize range, but it was very pale pink.  So this time I chose Love Joy, again from the Mineralize range, which is a much darker, slightly bronzed shade, with a hint of sparkle.  Again, I feel this is gonna work once I have a tan.

It's all about the tan guys!!!

P to the S.  Although MAC is rather expensive, it is 100% worth the money!  Plus, I literally buy a blusher (when I haven't dropped it), a bottle of foundation, eyebrow gel & a bronzer ONCE a year!  Honestly it does last that long & I use it EVERYDAY!

The eyebrow pencil & the mascara are a twice a year jobby, but they are cheaper, so it's not too bad.

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