Celebs I hate to love & love to hate!

This week...Nicole Scherzinger!

I literally CANNOT stand Nicole Scherzinger!

Although, having said that, I did watch her on last week's Graham Norton Show & she didn't come across as annoying as I thought she would.
HOWEVER, she cannot hold a note for shit, live!  She also has ZERO fashion sense (really wears some fugtastic outfits) & goes out with Lewis Hamilton, who I also despise!

Damn her ama-ziiing hair, her caramel skin & her banging body!  Urgh.

P to the S.  As LOATHSOME as I am to admit it, I am kinda liking her recent release Right There.  I am SO ASHAMED to admit that!!!  But it's so addictive!  ARGHGHGHGHGHG!
[crying in the corner with shame]


  1. she is actually quite funny for an American :-D xo

  2. I think I'm still on the fence. She defo has fug taste in clothes though! Well, maybe not on TGNS but, every other day! x