What the Jeffries!?

This four year old Australian girl, named Aelita Andre, is creating 'art' that is now being compared to the likes of Pollock & Picasso!  I kid you not!  I read the article on her & was like, what the Jeffries!?  She's even got an exhibition at the Agora Gallery in New York, which opens tomorrow.  She is four years old for crying out loud!

Aelita has been painting since she was eleven months old & sold her first piece at two years old.  Her work goes for $5,000/$10,000, but her latest piece (second picture down) recently sold for...Wait for it...$24,000!!!  She's FOUR!  A chinese buyer shelled out the dollar for it & now she's pretty much demanding that for all her work.  Well, I say she is, I expect her folks are, as they roll around on $100 bills.

Okay, so art is only really worth what someone is prepared to pay for it, but seriously, I could knock this shiz up!  Heck, I might go invest in some canvas & acrylics right now!


  1. wowzahh! thats pretty crazy. but i wont lie i kinda like the first two! guess she'll have a nice little nest egg for college..or art school. xo jillian

  2. I secretly quite lIke some of her art. (Let's keep that on ze down low though.) However, I'm twenty three & I can't afford a painting done by a four year old! Something is wrong with this picture! :S Not that I'm jealous or anything... x