All is good in ze land of ze frogs!

So when I promised my blog posts would be more exciting than me just banging on about musik, I guess I was lying. As it appears I have not blogged at all! Désolé!

I have an intense amount of information to share with you, however, I am currently working off my iPhone & am not able to upload pictures from it onto Blogger.

So I shall have to give you some nuggets until I return & give you the whole DL.

Paris was stupidly hot, nearly forty degrees! CraZy! My face melted everyday. So no hot to trot pics pour moi! We met a hawt French guy who turned out to be Moroccan. He & his friend Mo Mo (no word of a lie, that was his name) took us for Shisha. It all started to feel like scenes from the film Taken & we decided to call it a night. Was not impressed when they got us to pay! See ya! Thankfully we did meet a nice Frenh guy the next day, who restored our faith in hawt French guys. Although, to be fair we thought he looked Australian. We're hoping to meet up with him in Paris on the 31st, when we end La Grande Aventure, for some Parisienne style partying! (P.S. Thomas, thank you for all your Parisienne help. We made it to the pool, but never quite went swimming.)

Dijon was less hot but the hotel's swimming pool was ama-ziiing! We did our first proper bit of tanning. Although, I did my first bit of burning. We met this really nice English guy & his daughter. Dijon was a winner for me.

Eurockéenes was really good, despite the shitty lineup. Managed to meet a group of seven great guys who took us under their wing & managed to get us into the campervan camping area, instead of us having to park the car in the carpark & lugging our shizzle to the shitty muggles campsite. Oh yeees & who did I happen to eye spy, only The EX with his new GF! Like jeeez, is it the new thing to have an ex at EVERY frickin' festival! Meh, either way, it was still a great festival & Boyz Noise did an incroyable set!

Lyon was beautiful. We were cream crackered after Eurockéenes, so ended up sleeping through our first day there, but the next day we went for a deeelicious three course meal, which cost NOTHING! Lyon is definitely a revisit must!

Cannes oh Cannes. Cannes is sneakily my favourite. Definitely THE most expensive place ever! €30 for ONE day's parking! Jeeez! Ellie & I hit up the beach festival where A-Trak was performing. It was craZy beautiful! Just on the beach, shoeless, people dancing in the water, big ass PDiddy yachts everywhere! Oh & yeees, FINALLY met a HAWT French man!!! Literally THE best dressed, hawtest looking Frenchy French man I've seen since we got here!!! Oh & did I mention he's a doctor. Stick a fork in me, I am done! There may have been some kissy kissy involved. I'm very much hoping to see him again when we go back to Montpellier for Breakbot. [fingers crossed]

Montpellier was another beautiful place. We only spent a day there, which was not long enough. But thankfully we're going back there for Breakbot (& hopefully hawt French doctor lovin'). We spent most of the day sunbathing on the beach. The sand is so golden & the sea is so clear. [sigh]

Right now we are in Perpignan. This is currently our most favourite of places. We've spent the whole day sunbathing again. I may have burnt my bottom. Oooh lala. We went out for a meal earlier & shared THE most ama-ziiing moules! Delish! (I shall put pics of everything up soooooon!) I had duck for my main. Reeeeaaaaalllly good! We're here another night & then we are leaving France for Spain! Eeek!

For now mes amis, that is all I have to offer. À bientôt!

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