Sleep Deprivation

Apologies for my absence yesterday.  My shifts got changed around, which meant I was working ten days on the trot.  Due to my recent bout of insomnia, I was starting to fall asleep on my feet!  All work & no play makes Porritt (that's me by the way) both albino & a lil stir craZy!

However, today is finally my day off!  Wooop!  I finished work at 4pm yesterday, came home, ate my dinner & then fell asleep!  It was like five in the afternoon.  I woke up after eleven, when the sunshine had been replaced with darkness, leading me to feel a little disorientated.  I made myself a HUGE bowl of pasta & then fell back asleep.  I finally woke up at eleven this morning.  I think I can definitely say I have caught up on all my sleep now!  [phew]

I was going to walk over to the Turner Gallery, but in the end I honestly couldn't be bothered, so I popped to my yocal supermarche & bought the July issue of Vogue & a bar of Green & Blacks instead.  It seemed like a lot less effort for possibly a lot more fun?

I have to say, I'm not rating Vanessa Paradis on the cover.  I have a thing against her, despite her French connections.  I think it stems from that one time I had a rather realistic dream about Johnny Depp, after which I became incredibly obsessed with him.  This period has now passed I am pleased to inform you.

So, I am equipped with my copy of Vogue, a few rays of sunshine & a spot in the garden (broadband stretching beyond the brick walls, I like it!).  My new patch is next to the veggie garden.  My half ass attempt at growing my own is actually paying off!  I have my own mini crop of Mangetout to be proud of!  Although, one of my plants was meant to be French Beans, except they seem to be sprouting more Mangetout...This is either some kind of cross-pollination, or I simply picked up the wrong thing...Either way, I feel slightly disappointed now.  [sigh]

Normal service shall now resume!

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